Around the World in Several Days

I’ve had another couple of nights in Norrath recently. One of those days I was grouped up with the guildies in several zones, mostly from the Sentinel’s Fate expansion this time, as we had cleared nearly any other zone that was doable with my gear/level/AAs. My Brigand has progressed to around 250 AAs, so I only need 30 more before I can truly start getting into the newer expansions, along with leveling beyond 90. It’s been slow going mainly because I haven’t poured a whole lot of time into it, but when I have it has been fun. Here’s some assorted screens from that night’s adventures:

EQ2_000011 EQ2_000012 EQ2_000000 EQ2_000002 EQ2_000004 EQ2_000005 EQ2_000006

On Friday night I spent some time playing my Paladin, whom needed some love. Turns out that he wasn’t all that far behind either, so I ended up getting him to 220 AAs on the eve. I also remembered that I had actually been playing him more towards the end of my last visit to EQ2-land, so his gear was a bit more tuned for what we needed to do. I successfully tanked everything, although we did have a group of 3 along with 3 mercenaries. It was challenging at times, but we had a good time overall, and I managed to finish his enervated epic quest as well. That netted me the Mythical Truth of Marr, which gives the blade a nice “holy light” effect, along with the buffs from it in spell form. So now both of my main characters have their buffs + cool looking weapons in their appearance slot (as the weapons themselves aren’t so hot anymore). Here’s what the pally looks like these days:


We called it a night after finishing the quest run. The plan from here is to get my Brigand to 280 AAs so that I can start on the Withering Lands quests and move into Chains of Eternity. After that, it’s on to the newest expansion, Tears of Veeshan. From what I hear the end game is surprisingly different compared to previous expansions, so here’s hoping to the lack of grindy treadmill mechanics in exchange for something else. I’ll work on my Paladin in there from time to time as well, but I’m sure once I’ve eaten up most of the content I’ll move onto another game. Such is the way of the Themepark.

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