Havoc in Hearthstone

I’ve spent the last week participating in a community tournament, specifically the NBI’s Havoc in Hearthstone tourney. The rules were simple — make any deck you wanted, just stick to common (those with the white jewels, or no jewels at all) cards. I have been having a lot of fun playing with my Warlock Zoo deck for a while now, so I decided to use that as a model for my tournament deck. Basically, some of the core cards were still usable, but I lost out on cool cards such as Doomguard and Knife Juggler. No matter, I slapped the deck together and faced my challengers with great success.

That is, until I got to the end of the run. I eliminated Talarian, Murf and Liore, but was ultimately trounced by J3w3l, and I was sort of expecting that. She hard counters my play style, and has made it farther on the Ladder than I have, so I must admit when I am bested. Flawless run until she tarnished it. Still, there were rewards for coming in second place, and I got my hands on a shiny new copy of Civilization V on Steam last night. I’ve played the game in the past but it was a borrowed copy, now I have my own and will be challenging some NBI members to multiplayer matches soon.

The tournament was great fun and nice to see what sorts of decks people could come up with, given the limitations. I think if we do something like this again in the future we should open up all cards, and J3w3l should be relegated to Referee or something 😛

Here’s a video of the whole thing, smashed together for your convenience:

I ended up going 6-2 overall, so I’d say I did fairly well.

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