Bullet Time Four

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a round-up, mainly because I’ve been busy with NBI stuff, and, well, gaming. I’m pretty sure I’ve played more games than what I’m going to talk about today, but I’m just going to cover the meat and potatoes.

  • As usual, Hearthstone took up a lot of my play time. Dailies keep me coming back day in and day out, and I feel like I’m getting somewhere, even when I’m disenchanting whole packs of cards after an arena run. That dust still goes towards more cards I want for various decks. I still have a lot of love for my Hunter deck, but I’m starting to transition back to my first love – the Warlock. Of course the reason for this is obvious, the hero power. From the time I first played the game I knew that was one of if not the most powerful hero power, and that seems to be the case according to various meta-tracking sources. I’ve mentioned my Zoo deck already, and that’s been in pretty heavy rotation. I’ve also had more success with Arena runs when playing the Warlock. Today’s run netted me my first Legendary in a very long time; unfortunately it was Gruul and not one that I really wanted. I’m tempted to disenchant him, but I’m going to try him out a couple times first. My new personal-best arena run happened the other night, I went 6-3 with a Warlock, which netted me the platinum(?) key. Anyway, here’s my stat sheet for posterity:
  • I’ve picked League of Legends up again after having not really played for about a month. Me and that game, we have this relationship. I play religiously for half the year, then sporadically, and then back again. I’ve been practicing to prepare for the League of Legends night that I’m hosting next weekend, cause you know, hosts can’t suck at the game (ask J3w3l). Not that I would suck after just a month absence, but it’s still a good idea to warm up a bit. Those of you who are participating should do the same. I did hit a milestone the other night — 300 ARAM wins. That’s still not more than my classic wins, but it’s getting close.. and honestly I prefer ARAM most of the time; less pressure, more fun. I also picked up the Headhunter Nidalee skin, and I love Nid particularly on Howling Abyss. How many ARAM wins do you have?
  • After our Hearthstone tournament (see post below this one) ended, I was presented with choice of prizes. I picked a copy of Civilization V. Why a game that’s a few years old and not a new one? Well quite simply put: I FUCKING LOVE CIV V. I borrowed a copy of the vanilla game shortly after it released and played the shit out of it. I won by conquering the world as Germany. I was the first to space while playing as America. I loved the game and have been dying to try the expansions. Unfortunately, a borrowed copy means I had to give it back, so I hadn’t played in a couple of years at least. I also missed the opportunity to blog about it, although I do believe that I mentioned it in a post or two. At this point I’ve started a new game as Japan, and I have expanded to take over a large portion of my starting continent. I’ve had two civs declare war on me but have successfully defended my borders. I’m just now in the Classical age, so there’s still a long way to go. Of course, this playthrough only started a couple of nights ago. Here’s a strategic view:
  • Finally, I’ve been playing more MMOs than I have been in the past few years. In Everquest 2 there was a double xp weekend, so I managed to get my Brigand to 280 AAs. That means that I can run the new content and level beyond 90, finally. I’ve also installed Rift and created a Cleric, because I’ve only had tanks and dps at max level in MMOs before.  More on all this later. Here’s a pic of the cleric:

    Izlain.. the cleric? wait, what?
    Izlain.. the cleric? wait, what?

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