The Wife that Bites

This is another entry into the NBI Poetry Slam going on this month. I promised I would write another one that had more to do with magic, and I think this one has its own “charm,” though I can’t seem to stay away from the supernatural.

The Wife that Bites

His beloved died that day
Not because he wanted it that way
Unfortunately he didn’t know what to say
Next to her body is where he lay

He heard rumors of a magic type
That could bring his lover back to life
Of course he’d do anything to get back his wife
But the magic in question caused such strife

Life begets life and many died
He didn’t care, he never cried
Until she came back, yes she was alive
But it seemed they were no longer allied

Reanimation cured her body but not her mind
She tries to bite him, probably will in time
“I cannot deny my love is blind”
“I caress her undead cheek, she bites at mine”

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