Blogger Battles: LoL


Today was the NBI’s League of Legends event, hosted by yours truly. The call went out at approximately 1 p.m., and bloggers from around the world gathered to have a go at ARAM, vs. each other! A new recruit was made, and everyone who participated is getting some sort of prize. We had a couple people play who weren’t members of the NBI, but they helped to make the event possible and I wanted to thank them, no matter their performance in game. First, we’ll go into a breakdown of the games, and then on to the winners and prizes!

Game #1

First Round

Droniac (Endalia’s boyfriend): 3/7/11
Maligma: 0/10/11
Izlain: 11/8/5
Theonetruemouse (my Brother-in-law): 6/8/6
EndaliaNA (Princess in a Castle) @endalia: 4/6/23
Xanryuu (Weary Summoner): 4/5/23
Murfurious (Murf) @ctmurfy: 16/6/13
Nitocris (Rambling Redshirt) @rrbtg: 8/3/9

We played a practice game first that didn’t go so well (for my team), while waiting for J3w3l to wake up. When she hadn’t appeared by that point, we decided to just roll with it. We had enough people to do 4v4 and it was just as interesting as it would have been 5v5. We had a nice spread of skill levels among the players, and the random factor definitely had an effect on everyone. One thing I wasn’t aware of was that custom games of ARAM don’t give you the option to re-roll your champ, so you are truly stuck with them outside of trading. Many of the players had limited champion pools, so we didn’t do much trading. That did force the challenge onto some of the veterans, especially when getting stuck with champs you aren’t as good with.

Game #2

Second Round

Droniac: 9/15/35
Maligma: 2/16/22
Izlain: 15/16/22
Theonetruemouse: 14/17/14
EndaliaNA: 8/16/30
Xanryuu: 24/11/18
Murfurious: 25/11/25
Nitocris: 18/13/26

Game #3

Third Game

Droniac: 12/9/22
Maligma: 5/13/14
Izlain: 17/6/12
Theonetruemouse: 7/9/28
EndaliaNA: 1/7/22
Xanryuu: 18/11/15
Murfurious: 8/10/24
Nitocris: 8/11/19

Game #4

Fourth Game

Droniac: 10/11/19
Maligma: 2/12/13
Izlain: 19/6/16
Theonetruemouse: 11/8/24
EndaliaNA: 7/10/13
Xanryuu: 14/11/15
Murfurious: 13/13/11
J3w3ls (Healing the Masses) @ausj3w3l: 1/6/15

At the end of the 3rd game, Rambling Redshirt said that he had to go. By that point J3w3l had finally rolled out of bed, presumably had a cup of tea, and joined in the fun. But was she an equal trade? You be the judge.

Game #5

Game Five

Droniac: 5/7/11
Maligma: 2/9/6
Izlain: 9/5/13
Theonetruemouse: 3/4/17
EndaliaNA: 4/8/16
Xanryuu: 14/9/8
Murfurious: 17/8/8
J3w3ls: 4/8/3

At this point multiple people were done for, and we called it a day.

Final Results:

After the games, I did the math for everyone’s final KDA’s, used for placement and prize picking purposes. Score calculated via Kills+Assists, divided by Deaths. Those results are as follows:

Droniac:  39/49/98 (2.7:1)
Maligma: 11/60/66 (1.3:1)
Izlain: 71/41/68 (3.4:1)
Theonetruemouse: 41/46/89 (2.8:1)
EndaliaNA: 24/47/104 (2.7:1)
Xanryuu: 74/47/79 (3.25:1)
Murfurious: 76/48/81 (3.27:1)
Nitocris: 34/27/54 (3:26:1)
J3w3ls: 5/14/18 (1.6:1)

Placement and (prizes):

1st   Izlain (excluded)

2nd   Murfurious (broforce beta key)

3rd   Nitocris (shadowrun beta key)

4th   Xanryuu (RP lulu champ)

5th     Theonetruemouse (RP zac champ)

6th   Droniac (beta key)

7th   EndaliaNA (beta key)

8th  J3w3ls (RP velkoz champ)

9th   Maligma (beta key)

For those who picked beta keys, they will be distributed once Doone returns from vacation. For anyone interested in more video and less reading, the event was streamed on Endalia’s boyfriend’s Twitch channel. The stream cut out in the middle of our practice match, and picks up in the middle of the action. There are probably bits of AFK breaks in there, so you might have to skip around, sorry about that. All in all I think the event was a success and I hope all participants had a blast. I’m going to try and coordinate another LoL event, next time with Dominion games! If you’d be interested in joining us for that, let me know in the comments.

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