Braum Champion Spotlight

Braum was teased a while back in the “Trials of the Poro” video that popped up. I commented on social media that he was most likely the next champ, and sure enough he was revealed shortly thereafter. We’ve known about his kit for a little while, but seeing it in action is always a better indicator. Finally, Riot gave us another option for support, and this time it’s tanky support. I own most if not all the support classes, including some of the “accepted ones” (read: Annie, Fiddle, etc.). I came to an early conclusion that I played a lot better with true supports, and ranged ones at that. I am only so-so with Taric and Leona, but I enjoy some of the other tanks like Shen, Renekton and Nautilus (though I play the latter in the Jungle rather than solo top). Thresh can be tanky but I haven’t practiced with him enough to be awesome (I have seen ridiculous plays from good Thresh players). So Braum feels right up my alley. His combination of crowd control and crowd control reduction fits right into a support role, and his key stats are defensive so there’s less focus on AD/AP. Feels like he would still be powerful even with a full support build. I am very interested in trying him out. His kit looks to be right at home on Howling Abyss.

Is it just me or does he seem to be the first anti-CC champion?

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