It’s Okay to be Different

Over the course of the last couple of weeks (maybe slightly more) since the beginning of 2014’s NBI, I have been visiting and reading more blogs than I have in the past. Not only has the initiative opened up the doors to a larger part of the community, it has provided its members opportunities to game together, and more importantly, has created dialogue among gamers.

The most recent topic that has cropped up revolves around the subject of PvP, and it has been going around. People’s opinions have been stated, and a great conversation has evolved across many blogs. But PvP isn’t the only topic being discussed, as we all have differing ideas about what to share with the group and our individual audiences. The NBI’s aim has been to create topics for bloggers to discuss, but each blogger already has their own way of providing content. Some choose to write, others to podcast, others still steam and vlog. These differing avenues add variety, context, and allow us to garner insights into our fellow blogger’s minds.

Having been exposed to many of these avenues via the NBI’s members, I have found different facets that I enjoy. I’ve been listening to podcasts, and up until recently I had never done so. I’ve been watching streams which I had done in the past, but these have been provided by people I “know,” so my interest has been more focused. In many cases, despite having games we play in common (or at the very least, being fellow gamers), I have found that I have very different viewpoints from many of the members of the community.

I’m not going to mention names or point directly to posts/podcasts, but I have been making mental notes of having a difference of opinion with many people. In some cases the differences are so minor and unimportant that it’s not really worth making a whole post devoted to the topic. In other cases however, I have found that my opinion differs so greatly that I am either slightly offended or want to make commentary on the subject.

That brings me to my point. It is okay to be different. Being different is what makes us great. Being different is what creates dialogue and allows us to express our opinions, compare them, and be constructive with that discussion. My expression of my being offended comes with its own separate point as well.

Being offended is the right of anyone. We have our own sets of backgrounds, experiences and emotions that lead us to believe that our opinion is worthy of consideration. Where one must draw the line is taking that offense to the extreme, and further compounding a volatile situation. What I mean is, that when you feel like someone else’s opinion or viewpoint is “wrong,” that you should take the time to cool down and write a constructive response, rather than letting your emotions/opinions get the best of you, and write something that you might regret later. Don’t be hasty.

I am guilty of having written spiteful posts in the past, when I felt like someone was an idiot and I needed to point that out. That most definitely doesn’t add to constructive criticism or dialogue. Trust me, there are points where I want to express myself in a negative fashion, but I don’t let that make it to the published front page of my blog. Being different and having disagreements is natural, but how we handle our entries into the blogosphere are entirely up to us.

I love being different and expressing myself differently than others. It makes me unique and attracts a like minded audience. The NBI has expanded our readerbases, and some of those additions might not have necessarily been attracted naturally, but having them with us now allows for a larger subject base of opinions from the gaming community. Standing out is great, but standing out for being an asshole shouldn’t be anyone’s goal.

This rant was powered by a near-sleep brainstorm. I hope that I made sense of it for my audience. /rant

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4 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Different

  1. I actually didn’t read this as a rant at all. Having differences of opinions are what make blogs interesting to read, and I think that’s what you’re getting at, here. I do feel a certain kinship with somebody when they verbally agree with me, but I also enjoy a tactful and thoughtful counter-point, and at times the counter-pionter may have earned my respect in the way they approach the discussion, even if I continue to disagree.

    Interesting post, thanks!


  2. It’s okay to be offended if someone goes out with the intent of beeing an arsehole, but sometimes we need to remember we all come from different backgrounds, upbringing which makes us have different views, morals and reactions to things. Which we all need to have in the back of our heads. That might not allways be easy, I know I have ranted in the past because I get pissed off by certain people, but I learned from it and did better next time. Think we all have been there at certain points and we learn from it. I think you wrote most of what I just wrote, just saying I agree tbh 🙂
    We are all humans, sometimes we make mistakes.


  3. +1, be different. Differences is how we end up with so many different and awesome games. Devs aim for different audiences, and maybe, just maybe, a game will come along that bridges those differences and a new genre is born.

    So disagree away! We’re all richer for it.


    • My thoughts exactly! I like being different. Being a gamer with tattoos, no religion, and many other facets make my views different than others. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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