My backlog of games has become ridiculous. Thankfully, there are games in my collection that are less interesting and/or time consuming, so those are easy to weed through. I either play them for a little while and then uninstall, or blow through them quickly. Games that are Roguelikes aren’t really something you set out to beat, although you can in most cases. It’s still beneficial to die and have to start over in those types of games. It’s about the journey and experience, not beating the game. That goes for Arcade style games as well, of which I have a few, and those are more about high scores than anything. Otherwise, I have a steady stable of session based games (MOBAs and CCGs, some Shooters) and one MMO (Rift) that I’m playing. The latter games are going to stay in my rotation one way or the other, simply because I like to play them regularly, and they are convenient for squeezing in when time is limited.

However, there are a number of games in my library that are more time consuming, and are good games that I really want to play through, but keep seeming to put them off. Some of these have been collecting dust for a year, maybe more. I’ve gone through the pile though, and I have selected a number of titles that I want to finish, and stick to playing only that game until I do so. I’m hoping that writing this down will help me to stick to it.

This is where you, my readers come in. I want your opinions. I want you to vote on which game you would pick to play first from the list. If you wouldn’t necessarily want to play any of them, then choose based on what you would want to read about (maybe you can even learn about a game you never heard of). Whatever game gets the most votes is the one I will play until I complete it, and I’ll chronicle my journey here. I’ll probably pick a day to review my progress with you. With that said, on to the poll:

Feel free to comment on why you think I should play one game over the others.