Building Arena Decks

Hey everyone. I’ve been having some more luck in Arenas lately, and I have a few tips to give in order to help you build more effective arena decks. I’m not getting a whole lot of wins, my best at this point is only 9, but as opposed to the days when I couldn’t get more than 3, I believe I’ve improved. I mentioned “cracking the code” the other day on Twitter, and after a comment or two I decided I should make this video. So, first I’ll show you some of the cards I’m talking about in my collection, and then I’ll go ahead and run through an arena build so you can see basically how I do it.

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful, despite the fact that I didn’t end up with a very good deck in this walk through.

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4 thoughts on “Building Arena Decks

    • You know, I probably forgot to mention a bunch of things I wanted to. There are so many endless combinations it’s hard to cover everything. I really wish I would have gotten Hunter or Warlock, because I have those decks down to a science and it would have conveyed better in the video. But, the RNG screws with me even when I’m trying to produce blog content. Go figure.


    • Yeah like I said there’s probably a bunch of things I forgot to mention, that being one of them. Normally I don’t really care about enrage, and usually only use it with Warriors.


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