In Sheep’s Clothing

As usual, the choices I made first:

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I’m going to comment on my choices first, because I find it interesting that during every other episode of this game, I picked with the majority on the majority of choices. There were a couple where I deviated from the crowd, but for the most part, I was with them. In this episode, I was with the overwhelming minority. Only two of the choices even hit 50%, all the others were much lower than that. I’m not sure why this is, but it’s interesting from a social commentary point of view. It seems that despite the rules for unglamoured fables to be relegated to the Farm, that doesn’t seem like the right choice to me. Yes, rules are rules, but these are fables that I care about to a degree, and don’t want to see them imprisoned. Other people just stuck to the rules, and sometimes I think rules need to be broken for the greater good. I also don’t understand why more people didn’t try to remove the ribbon round Nerissa’s neck, but I suppose they just chose other dialogue options. Finally, responding to the crooked man really didn’t change the end, as the episode ends there. However, I felt that lighting a cigarette was the most bad ass way to respond, and well, I used to be a smoker so I guess I could relate to that. With all that said, on to the play through.

When we left off, Bigby had just killed one of the Tweedle’s, because fuck those assholes. They shot Bigby a bunch of times. Bloody Mary then shot him with a silver bullet, and broke his arm. When the new scene opens, Bigby is getting worked on by the doctor, as Snow and Colin watch worriedly. There’s some dialogue, the doctor leaves and Snow starts in on Colin, and about how unglamoured fables should be at the farm. Bigby comes to his defense, much to Snow’s chagrin, but the issue is dropped as the phone rings. Someone is in Bigby’s office, so off he goes.

When arriving at the Sheriff’s office, Bigby finds Nerissa waiting for him. She sort of gave him some help in an earlier episode, when pointing him to the motel where “snow” (Holly’s sister) had been murdered. It appears that she’s trying to help again, but won’t come right out and say anything. Bigby comes to realize that there’s something up with the ribbon around her neck, and figures that it is magical and is somehow keeping her from talking. The natural reaction is to remove the ribbon, but Nerissa jumps up and pulls away, scared to have it removed. Soon thereafter, Snow comes into the office and mentions Beauty having called, needing help with something. Nerissa tells Bigby that he SHOULD investigate that further, and leaves. So off we go to see Beauty and Beast.

At their apartment, Bigby hears them arguing through the door. Knocking loudly, the argument stops and Beast cracks open the door. He’s hostile, and doesn’t want to let Bigby in. The threat of having his door broken down makes Beast change his mind. Beauty pulls Beast into their bedroom while Bigby takes a look around the apartment. Strange that they have so many nice things, yet we already know that Beauty had taken a loan from the Crooked Man. When they return to the room, they ask Bigby for help. He has to cut through their shit, but eventually gets the truth out of both of them. Beauty took the loan because they are “used to a certain lifestyle” but they are unable to pay it back. The loans are coming out of the Lucky Pawn shop. Beast had taken a job working for the Crooked Man, at the Butcher’s Shop, delivering odd packages here and there. With a choice to make, Bigby heads to the Pawn Shop first.

Upon arriving, Jack is running things behind the counter. He is evasive to questions, and continuously tries to get Bigby to leave. He swears that Jersey (The Jersey Devil) isn’t around, and that he doesn’t know anything about Bloody Mary, or the Woodsman’s ax that had been almost used on Bigby the night before. Looking around, Bigby finds the sign in a display case where the Woodsman’s ax had been. He starts getting crazy with Jack, when Jersey and the Woodsman enter the shop. Turns out the Woodsman is also looking for his ax, and is telling Jersey that he didn’t sell it, it had been stolen. Jersey talks tough with Bigby, and a fight breaks out. Smashing his face into a display case, the Devil shows his true colors. The fight goes on for a while before the Woodsman finds his ax, and joins in. Helping Bigby incapacitate Jersey, they get a few more answers out of him, but nothing overwhelming. It was time to head over to the Butcher’s shop.

Once there, the place seems empty, and none of the goods on display look appetizing either. It definitely appears to be a cover for something else. The Butcher finally appears from the back room, and is also avoiding any questions that Bigby has. Knowing enough, he pushes his way into the back room, but not before The Butcher hits the silent alarm and tries to hid among all sorts of carcasses. Finding him, he also discovers a “secret” room, and busts in. The silent alarm had already warned whoever was in this back room, and it was devoid of people. It was littered with magic ingredients, packages, and a chemistry lab. There were also shackles on the floor and spots of blood. A chalkboard on the wall had been wiped clean. A shame, lots of potential evidence gone. Finding Ichabod Crane’s coat, the one thing that Bigby had been looking for was found. The missing shard of the Magic Mirror in his possession, Bigby heads back to the business office.

Once there, he sees Snow being bombarded by Bluebeard and Toad. Putting them off, Snow talks to Bigby. Buffkin is given the shard to try and fix the magic mirror, and Snow asks for help with Toad. She fixes whatever issues Bluebeard has, and Bigby gives Toad the money pilfered from Crane’s coat. The two depart, and Buffkin announces that the mirror is fixed. Snow wants to know where Crane had gone, so she says the rhyme and he is shown, talking to Bloody Mary. Mary is telling him to get on a plane to Paris and to never contact anyone. She then feels being watched, and due to her relationships with mirrors, causes the magic mirror enough pain that he declines showing them anymore. Bigby then asks where the Crooked Man is, and the symbol that is used on all of his packages (learned about at the Butcher’s shop) appears on a door in central park. Bigby rushes to the location.

Busting open the door, a portal is revealed. Once through, the portal and symbol disappear. Tiny Tim (who just wants to be called Tim) is waiting for him. Apparently the Crooked Man already knew Bigby was coming. Tim takes Bigby through the Crooked Man’s castle, to his meeting room of sorts. Once inside, he sees all of the villians he had been dealing with throughout the course of the episodes, along with the Crooked Man, who hadn’t been seen up to this point. He asks Bigby to sit down so they can talk. Bigby lights a cigarette, and the episode ends.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next. I hate cliffhangers!

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