Changes to IGC, Starting June

It has been announced that a change is coming next month for the Playstation Plus service. The Instant Game Collection, which started approximately two years ago is changing its format. I was predicting a change to a large portion of the line-up for last month (or at the latest this month), because that’s what happened around this time last year, on the anniversary of the IGC’s introduction. However, Sony has decided to change the way the whole system works. Instead of only one PS4 title and a handful of titles for the PS3 and Vita systems, there’s now going to be an even two titles for each console. The balance makes sense, but I was really hoping for a handful of new titles to play all at once. Speaking of all at once, that’s another change to the program: all of the titles are available instantly on the first Tuesday of the month, and will only rotate once per month. So in a way this is pretty cool, and in another way it kind of sucks. We no longer have a reason to be excited every Tuesday (although some Tuesdays are lackluster, I’ll admit). But we don’t have to wait til the end of the month to get the title we really want. Anyway, on with the video:

The games for the PS4 are Trine 2: Complete Story, and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. Seeing as how both of these games were previously available on PS3, these aren’t really new titles. Trine 2 was free for PS3 Plus members over a year ago, and it was a cool game, but there’s no real replay value there. I’ve never experienced any of the Pixeljunk games, but I’ve read positive feedback, and there’s more than one title in the series so they must be somewhat successful. These will just go in my queue and be added to my ever growing backlog of PS4 games.

For PS3, we’re getting NBA2k14, and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Last month it was a Soccer game, this month a Basketball game. Why couldn’t it have been Madden? Maybe next month? C’mon man, Football is the best! Yeah so I didn’t even add the Soccer game to my download list, as it’s something I would never play, and I pretty much feel the same about this title. Madden I’d play though. There was one of the Sly Cooper titles that was on Plus quite some time ago that I have access to. I believe it was one of the PS2 ports, and it was okay as far as platformers go, but this is a pretty weak month for me. That’s ok, I have a big enough backlog as it is.

On the Vita, Terraria and Mutant Mudds Deluxe (also the Sly Cooper title is cross-buy and I’d be more likely to play it on the Vita tbh). Having purchased Terraria for the PS3 and receiving a copy as a gift through Steam (thanks j3w3l!) I’ll now own the game on 3 platforms. Yay. Or something. The latter game I know nothing about, but it’s another bit that I can try on that fateful day when I buy a PSVita. Maybe next year. Maybe never. Who knows.

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