Rise of the Podtato!


It’s finally here! Ever since I was a guest on the Contains Moderate Peril Podcast I’ve wanted to make one of my own. I started looking into what software I would need, hosting platforms, and asking existing podcasters for advice about a month ago. I found my co-host pretty early, J3w3l and I have been gaming together and debating each other for quite some time now. We did a few practice sessions, and now I believe we have something worthy of your ears! New episodes weekly on Fridays, don’t forget to subscribe one way or another!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 1: Rise of the Podtato (runtime: 48:57)

Breaking the Ice: what are we playing? (starts at 1:41)
Endgame Mechanics (starts at 19:23)
Idiots on the Internet: Valve Prank (starts at 36:40)
Community Talk: NBI (starts at 44:34)

Host Contact information:

Blog: You’re here!
Twitter: @mevsmyselfandi

Blog: Healing the Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

Idiots on the Internet article: http://kotaku.com/kid-developer-pranks-steam-gets-suspended-from-steam-1591730839

NBI Award winners:
@missysmojo | http://www.missysmojo.net/ “Missy’s Mojo” Adventurer’s Staff & Reader’s Choice
@stevenjpope22 | http://skipaturn.com/ “Skip-A-Turn” Good Moniker Medal
@gintrospection | http://gameintrospection.com/ “Game Introspection” Min-Max Specialist
@iogromerrybelly | http://ahobbitsjourney.com/ “A Hobbit’s Journey” Epic Bard
@thegamesnark | http://thegamesnark.com/ “The Game Snark” Media Master
@L4playtime | http://lookingforplaytime.com/ “Looking For Playtime” Frontline Champ
@puckbyter | http://tweaklotro.wordpress.com/ “Tweak LOTRO” The Avatar
@simchaandalts | http://simchaandalts.wordpress.com/ “Simcha’s Many Lives” Accolade of Intrigue
@doctor_hannah | http://doctorhannah.wordpress.com/ “From the Desk of Dr. Hannah” Prolific Pen
@braxwolf | http://braxwolf.com/ “Gaming Conversations” Promising Star – Best overall
@ranzingtonscout | http://ranzingtonscouts.wordpress.com/ “Ranzington Scouts” Promising Star – Best genre-specific

Music Credits:
“Level Up” by Cookie Monsta (from the Riot! EP)
“8-bit Superhero” by Excision & Datsik (from the album X-Rated)
“Built For Sin” by The Black Dahlia Murder (from the album Miasma)
“Rat Race” by Bigwig (from the album Reclamation)
“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)

Couch Podtatoes is a podcast about gaming, though we might stray into other forms of media. Sometimes we use strong language, but we try to keep that to a minimum. All opinions expressed by us or our guests are our own and are in no way to be interpreted as official commentary from any companies we discuss. You can visit our official podcast page at http://couchpodtatoes.libsyn.com/. Be sure to follow us on iTunes, and/or Stitcher Radio.

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    • I vowed when I was a guest on CMP that I’d do my own. Here’s the fruits of the labor 🙂 Fresh episodes coming every friday!


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