July IGC

last month you may recall that I said that the new format of the Instant Game Collection was changing. It was going to end up being 2 games for each system, and they were all going to release at once, on the first Tuesday of the Month. I read that somewhere, maybe it was in the video, I don’t remember. Whatever the case, that information was incorrect for last month. There were two games for each system, but they were still staggered releases. In a recent Playstation Blog post, it was said that they will all be available at the same time, this month. Here’e the video:

This is the first update in a while where I’ve been excited about a game. I just might have to dust of my Playstation. Dead Space 3 is going to be the game of the month for me, as I own and beat the first two games. When this one released I was distracted, and to be honest I had forgotten all about it. I love Survival horror, and with this series essentially being Resident Evil in space, it’s right up my alley.

Also on PS3 is Vessel, which is an interesting physics-driven platforming indie title. I don’t remember hearing much about this one until now, but upon inspection it seems like a cool game, and another one I’m looking forward to trying. Much better than last month, where I didn’t play a single one of the free games.

On PS4, Towerfall Ascension looks to be the best on offer. It’s a platformer with co-op and pvp modes, and also has the retro indie graphics that have become so popular. Another great game that will have to wait, alas.

Strider is the other free game for next-gen owners, and as I already own it on PS3, I can attest that it’s a fantasic metroidvania. It feels arcade-y too, which is true to the series’ roots.

On Vita, there’s Muramasa Rebirth, which looks like a really cool fighting game, and Doki-Doki Universe, which reminds me of Machinarium. Which could be a very good thing, cause I did enjoy that one. Unfortunately I have yet to see that PS4/Vita bundle on sale anywhere, so more games for the backlog. My head is going to explode when I finally do get on board with next-gen consoles.

Overall it looks like a better month than the last couple (in my opinion).

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