False Flag & Loose Ends

This is part of my playthrough of Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall. The entire series can be found on the Ongoing Series page.

The Kreuzbasar

Returning to the Kreuzbasar, we met back with Paul Amsel. I showed him the discs we found in Green’s room.


It’s hilarious to think that DVDs seem like such an archaic technology to the characters. However, by 2054 when all of this is supposed to be happening, I suppose they would be archaic, since they are already being phased out in 2014. Turns out though, that Paul doesn’t have a working DVD player. He does know who I could talk to about getting one though.


Schrotty is a homeless guy that also scavenges. Apparently he makes a living off of the things he digs up, and he just so happens to have a DVD player. Of course he wants far too much money for it, but was willing to settle for a coffee — but not that Soykaf stuff! I retrieved the coffee for him, and the DVD player was mine. Time to see what’s on the discs.


The discs are research that Green had been digging up. The legendary Dragonslayer Adrian Vauclair was on some bits of the disc, Green on others. At end of the last recording, we see what was the last thing Green did before getting fried — how he was when we found him.


It was decided that Vauclair is the person we need to find if we’re to go up against a dragon. However, we don’t know where he might be. It seems Green was looking for him, and was killed in the process. Paul suggests that we talk to Alice, down in the Rabbit Hole. A quick U-Bahn trip gets me there.


Getting ahold of Alice was easy. The difficult part would be coming up with her payment. 50k Nuyen isn’t exactly a small number. So we were tasked with doing odd jobs until we hit that mark.

False Flag

Samuel, a Troll residing in the Kreuzbasar had asked that we look into the Humanis compound, to see what they’re plotting. They are a known racist (against metahumans) group. We were to meet with Maxim, a smuggler, who would be helping us get to our destination.


Of course, there was trouble along the way.


This rival gang leader makes a claim on this territory, and though we might have been able to negotiate our way out of it, it was my thought that killing them would be easier. There even was an option to turn on the smugglers we were with, but I chose to let them live as well. I’m a nice guy, what can I say?

Inside the compound, things were a little too quiet. That didn’t stop me from reading up on some racist propaganda.


Eventually we found our target, Volker Stahl, one of the leaders of this ridiculous organization.


He was a typically insulting racist. Some of his cronies storm in, and we find that Dietrich’s nephew is among them. With a little convincing, the nephew shoots Stahl. Easy pickings.


A fight ensues, and we have to blast our way out of there. When we return, I leave Dietrich behind to spend some time with his nephew, while we head out on the next job.

Loose Ends


This battle starts right at the beginning, and rages on until we get to the back room where the “loose end” is being held.


It was a pretty straightforward mission. We killed everything in sight, including the reinforcements that were en route during this shot.


Upon opening the doors of the cell, the little bugger begged for his life. He says that his team was set up, and that sounded awfully familiar to us. Eiger didn’t care, she just wanted the contract to be honored. He started talking about matching our pay, along with giving us a little trinket that he invented. He even said that we should get him to safety, then claim we killed him to get double the money. Thinking about the debt we owed to Alice, I considered this and let him live — for a time.

As we were leaving the facility, some of the goons of our employer showed up. They basically gave us the ultimatum to kill the mark, or kill them. I decided it wasn’t worth it, especially because it seemed that he was a little twisted himself. Once he was dead, the goons said they would report our success to their employer. At that point, it was time to head home to check up on the next job.  On the U-Bahn, I received a call from Paul.


A new job was already lined up. Good. However, in mid-conversation my vid-comm died, along with the train.


What would happen next?


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