Cry Wolf

It’s the last episode of this season of The Wolf Among Us. I’m guessing there might be another season in the works at some point, but for now we are done with this tale. For whatever reason, either it didn’t make the deadline, or they purposely did things differently, but at the end of this episode, I wasn’t presented with the Player Choices screen from the previous episodes. This time around, there were special stats. For posterity I will add in my choices as we go along, but I am going to save the special stats til the end.

When we left off, Bigby had just entered the Crooked Man’s lair, and was surrounded by most of his goons. Bigby lit a cigarette. The Crooked Man starts talking. He wants to be reasonable. His cronies don’t seem nearly as reasonable though, and when I start talking about how I need to take him in, Bloody Mary shows up, and the still-alive Tweedle attacks me. Mary and the Crooked Man escape through one of his portals, while Bigby fights with Georgie and the Jersey Devil. During the fight, Georgie is stabbed but manages to escape with Vivian out of the portal. Chasing them through the portal, Bigby is forced to change into his werewolf form to keep up. Eventually while jumping through traffic and rooftops, Bigby finds himself on top of Vivian/Georgie’s car. He eventually gets throw from the vehicle, and they make an escape, but later he catches up to them at the Pudding n Pie.

Georgie is in bad shape. Having only taken a knife to the gut, and being a fable, you’d think he’d be more resilient. I read a discussion elsewhere that said something about Fables being only as powerful as they are popular. So apparently the devs deemed his story not as popular as some of the others. Some Fables seem damn near impossible to kill. During the prior scene, the Crooked Man had been basically throwing Georgie under the bus as the person who killed Faith and Lily. Here, Bigby is still trying to figure out who did what, where the Crooked Man might have gone, and is still trying to place Georgie under arrest. Vivian comes to his aid, saying that the Crooked Man is responsible, and that Georgie is obviously dying. She seems to be hiding something, and through the dialogue it is revealed that via some sort of magic, the ribbon she (and the other girls) wore around their necks was a sort of control spell. This is why Narissa wouldn’t allow Bigby to remove it, nor was she really able to talk about it. Vivian ends up saying that she’s sick of feeling responsible for terrible things, and removes the ribbon from her own neck, revealing that her head is only being held on by said ribbon. Her body and head fall to the floor in a sickening heap.

Georgie is grief stricken, but still reasonable (to a degree). It’s obvious that he had feelings for Vivian, but it was also clear that he was the the person who actually killed the other girls. He still swears that the Crooked Man commanded it, but with his death imminent, Bigby avoided taking him in. Instead, I chose to put him out of his misery. Before that, it was said that the Crooked Man would be hanging out at a smelting facility.  From here, it was time to find the Crooked Man and put an end to all of this.

At the facility, Bigby finds the Limo that Mary and the Crooked Man had escaped in. It was still warm. Inside, Bloody Mary starts taunting Bigby, but isn’t visible. Coming to a workbench further in, Bigby sees where silver bullets had been made. Turning around, Mary appears behind him and sets about attacking him. The Crooked Man shows his face as well, but just tells Mary to meet up with him after the “deed is done.” A long term fight breaks out, where Mary shows her true colors, along with Bigby. She appears to be a disfigured woman with glass shards stuck in her at random intervals. She’s also bleeding from the eyes and has the ability to make multiple copies of herself. Bigby shape shifts from human to werewolf to a huge dire wolf, and fights for a long time before finally killing Bloody Mary. This episode has had more combat than any of the others. I like QTEs though.

When the fight is over with, Bigby corners the Crooked Man in an upstairs office. Unfortunately he has a gun loaded with silver bullets, so Bigby has to use some tact. The Crooked Man agrees to come along with Bigby on the condition that he is provided a fair trial by the council. He wants to be able to make his case. I still ended up getting the gun away and handcuffing the bastard, but I didn’t kill him. Bigby takes the Crooked Man back to the Business Office, home of the Witching Well, where the trial would take place.

It’s a little impromptu, but most of the main characters of the story are present. They all hate the Crooked Man, but it is obviously that he had touched all of their lives in one way or another, for better or worse. The trial of sorts is really more of a meeting of the minds. The Crooked Man is charged by Snow White, but then is given his chance to talk. He almost has the majority convinced that he’s not that bad after all, but with some clever steering of the dialogue, it was decided that he was guilty. He attempts to attack Bigby one last time, but then gets his ass thrown down the wishing well. I could have chosen to kill him first, but I figure the deed was done either way.

Afterwards, back in the city Bigby has one last talk with Narissa who says a bunch of stuff leading me to believe that she may have been Faith all along. The use of glamours and the way the entire story was written, it’s hard to tell exactly what to believe. The final decision was whether to chase after Narissa or to let her go, because some of what she reveals brought up many questions. I chose to chase after her, but the story ended there. I imagine we’ll see what happens in a further season.

Overall I really enjoyed the story of The Wolf Among Us, and would recommend it to anyone who has ever enjoyed a TellTale game. This final episode was more action packed, but the final confrontation was very well done. So, onto the final stats that were given:

WP_20140708_001 WP_20140708_002 WP_20140708_003 WP_20140708_004

This is essentially a retelling of things that I did throughout the game. It serves as the same Player Choices screen from previous episodes, but combined. How did your story differ?

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