The Playstation Calculator

I’m sure you can recall my Steam Calculator post. Having an app to use to figure this stuff out is definitely more convenient, and less time consuming.

Using Excel, I started up a list of games owned by going through my download list at the Playstation Store. I broke the games up into categories, one each for Playstation 3, PSVita, and Playstation 4. I don’t own the latter two systems (yet), but I do have games that I *could* play if I did, that came over time from the Playstation Plus program. That portion of the list ended up being shorter than I expected, but it was cataloged nonetheless. I didn’t count individual DLC, because I figure that was best lumped in with the original game. I also didn’t count cross-play titles, to avoid double counting (for example, I own Terraria on PS3, but also have a copy that can be played on the Vita). Disc-based games were included. I didn’t go through my trophy list and add any games I’ve played but don’t “own,” to avoid padding. So my download list and my trophy list don’t exactly match up, but for the purposes of this documentation, it didn’t matter. Trophy level is irrelevant here.

So what were my results?

As predicted, my stats are much different on this platform as opposed to Steam. On PC, I have a small amount of games and a larger amount of them played. My 7% not played over there sounded great. Here’s the official stat line, in a similar fashion:

Account worth (actual, not figuring out pricing on free games): $1201.50 

Games owned: 222

Not Played: 65 or 28%

Granted, there’s about 50 games there that I can’t play, so really my percentage was a bit better than this, but I’m going with what’s there.  I also went a step further, and calculated exactly how many of those 222 games I have not completed. This is not counting games not played, only those I had played and not completed (I don’t mean 100% trophy completion either, simply beating the game once will suffice for completing a game). Following these guidelines:

Of games played, those not completed: 95 or 60%

That last bit doesn’t tell a very good story, but I can explain a bit. The greatest part of Playstation Plus is free games, no one is denying that. However, some of the selections are just not good. Some of the games I’ve purchased weren’t good either. That would account for a portion of those games not being completed. The ones I haven’t even bothered to try were titles that I had no interest in or just haven’t gotten around to.

This means I have more work to do on my console than my computer. This is why I have been focusing on cataloging all of this so I can focus on completing more games in the backlog. If you’re interested in seeing my spreadsheet, you can download it here.

Unfortunately there’s no actual app for this, but if you follow my formula, you can figure these bits out for yourself as well. For you Playstation owners out there, how did you rate?

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