The Forest 0.05

Another new alpha build was just released for The Forest, currently in Early Access on Steam. This time around they added a couple of new features that I found to be rather fitting, so I played the game for a while to check it out. First, the patch notes:

Version 0.05 Changelog:

  • New craftable item added: Bow (Stick plus cloth plus rope)
  • New craftable item added : Arrows (Stick plus 5 feathers)
  • New craftable item added: Fire torch (Cloth plus Stick)
  • New craftable item added : Medicine (Aloe plant plus Marigold flower)
  • Fixed staircase built scale being different from ghost scale
  • Fixed hunting shelter built scale being different from ghost scale
  • Fixed enemies not playing correct death animation
  • Enemies no longer get stuck jumping down from trees
  • Enemies will dodge around close trees more often, less instances of getting stuck on trunks
  • Fixed(removed) weirdly shaped weeds
  • Fixed rusty axe duplication bug
  • Fixed yellow axe not appearing in inventory
  • Lower sound effect tree breaking notification
  • Fixed bug where you could throw multiple tennis balls at once
  • Added support for more resolutions
  • Parry no longer affects burn/poison and other damage to player
  • Carry log animation added to player
  • Improved enemy collision detection with built walls and structures
  • Enemy vision is now properly blocked by player built structures
  • ‘check bloody arms’ animation can be cancelled by other actions more reliably
  • Fixed enemies sometimes getting stuck and walking backwards forever
  • New 3d models added, first class passengers * 2
  • Fixed rope not appearing in inventory when collected
  • Added new female texture and hair variations
  • Fixed glitch in cave where players could fall through ground
  • New cave prop added : Mining hat with light
  • Fixed some pathfinding issues in animals and mutants
  • Fixed lit fires blocking enemy vision causing weird AI behaviour
  • Enemies should set themselves on fire less often
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on spot while climbing trees
  • Fixed counter attacks of cannibals sometimes not registering
  • Fixed missing turtles on main beach
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck in trees
  • Fixed enemies freezing upright after being shot with flare gun or burnt
  • Batteries can now be used to restore charge in flashlight and lowered torch battery drain speed to half
  • Stick holder now holds 20 sticks!
  • New cannibal village art added: Blankets, drying racks
  • Rabbits and lizards will navigate around trees and rocks better
  • Distorted mutants can now be killed with flare gun/fire
  • Improved bloom
  • Adaptive photographic tonemapper added
  • Fires now drain slightly faster
  • Improved sunlight settings
  • Motion blur now takes into account HDR
  • Improved foliage lighting
  • Improved water shader, more refraction as depth increases, more accurate sky reflections
  • Raised player fire damage amount
  • Rope pick ups added to some cannibal villages
  • Pedometer now shows outside temperature
  • Logs should no longer fall through rocks
  • Fixed plane seats vanishing on loading save game
  • Made feathers brighter, made batteries brighter (easier to see in inventory)
  • You can now carry 3 dead rabbits and 3 dead lizards (instead of 1 each)
  • Fixed plane crash crazy motion blur bug
  • Marigold and AloeVera now get stored in backpack when picked up
  • Texture resolution option added to options menu (start options menu only) Try lowering this to improve memory on lower ram systems and improve performance on lower end cards.
  • Fixed issues with taking bombs from inventory
  • Birds now spawn feathers when killed
  • Day counter now starts at 0 from when you first wake up in plane
  • Improved cave items/layout and lighting
  • Fixed lizards & birds vanishing when close to edge of screen
  • Rainbow will be forced off now if night time
  • Tweaked rain chance settings
  • Enemies will now push past bloody table instead of getting stuck
  • Fixed dead bodies spawning too many chunks when chopped up
  • Fixed some missing sound effects, improved night time sound effects

When I jumped in game I started up a new one. I don’t remember what I was doing previously, so might as well just try and see some new stuff right? I haven’t really wanted to dive into the game too much because it is still in Alpha and will most likely be a whole different package when it’s fully released. For now, I just try out the new stuff and then wait for more. I still feel it was worth the money spent, even at this point. So my goal with this session was to see how the bow and arrows worked. Spoiler: Finding rope is the hard part.

From what I can tell, the only place that you can find rope is in the village of the cannibals (above ground). When you find their huts, you’ll see rooms where bodies are strung up, sometimes there are other ropes hanging that aren’t being used, and those are the ones you can swipe.  With a bit of cloth (I found that from luggage around the plane) and some sticks (hint: they are basically everywhere) you can make a bow.



A bow isn’t any good without arrows though, so you’ll have to gather some more stuff for that. More sticks (of course) and some feathers. The easiest way I found feathers was by heading to the beach areas, and finding birds that are hanging about. Give em a whack, and there’s your feathers. Crafting arrows is easy!



Don’t forget to remove your items from the “crafting mat” or you won’t be able to use them. Equip your bow and now you’re ready for action!


You’ll note that there isn’t a reticle, so aiming the bow is a little tough. I wasted all my arrows trying to shoot birds with no luck. I also watched a video where a guy shot four arrows into one cannibal and it still didn’t die, so it seems to be lacking for power. Perhaps it’s only good for hunting. There was a new torch and medicine that I could have made as well, but this was the feature that appealed most to me, so there you have it.

More on The Forest as it develops.

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