Blaugust the 11th



Man, I’m feeling old. Maybe not old, but out of shape. Maybe a combination of the two. I know I don’t feel old like someone in their 70’s, but I feel old as compared to ten years ago. Moving just proved that I’m out of shape, because after the long day, I crashed hard and have been worn out all of today too, despite still being on the go most of it. Still, there were things to do so they got done. Most of it was for my benefit, and that’s what this move was all about, finally getting things back to the way they need to be. The town I used to live in is a trap. I never wanted to leave because of the people I knew, but now that I’m gone I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Part of that is due to the helping hand I’m getting here that hasn’t been extended before. I may already have a very good job lined up, though it’s a way off. In the interim there are personal things that I need to get handled in order to get into the job in question. TL;DR: I’m making positive steps in the right direction and may finally “get it right,” after years of trying (and failing).

So with that said, it feels good to be moving on, and I’m positive about the future. I’ll be back with something more substantial tomorrow, but for now I’m going to leave this as is, as I have been going all day and am beat.