Feedback Requested (Guild Wars 2)

Jeromai, in his infinite wisdom, saw that Guild Wars 2 is currently on sale for 50% off, meaning someone like me who has been wanting to try the game has an excellent point of entry. Being a game with no subscription, paying $25 for the box feels like a fantastic deal.

I never played the original Guild Wars. From what I remember, most of the people I played MMOs with that had tried it didn’t have many positive things to say. The general consensus of the newer iteration is mostly positive. I have seen features of the game that appeal to me, though I haven’t really watched the game played and haven’t tried it myself.

My recent MMO history has been as follows:

  • I went back to EQ2 in March. I did a bunch of dungeons and saw parts of the world I had missed, and finally hit the AA mark where I could progress beyond level 90 (to 95). At that point I felt the familiar feelings of “why am I doing this again?” and moved right along.
  • With a list of MMOs I had missed over the years, I aimed to at least try a few titles. I started with Rift and progressed through to the mid-game, where I took a break (that has continued to this day).
  • Wildstar had open beta and I participated, but I disliked the game as a whole.
  • I tried Neverwinter but it didn’t appeal to me like I thought it would.
  • SWTOR had some great story telling, but the rest of the game felt like more of the same, re-skinned. I loved the space battles.
  • TERA was similar to Wildstar in some ways, though it appealed to me a bit more. It still felt a little too eastern though, and I don’t know anyone playing it.
  • Firefall has enough elements to be called an MMO, but really it’s an MMO-lite. It’s fun to shoot stuff, but it feels like it lacks in some areas. J3w3l wrote a post that nails how I feel.
  • I was invited to the last ArcheAge closed beta event, and I liked what I saw. The 2nd closed beta event starts today, so I will be trying that some more. Perhaps this is a game I can set some roots in.

I still have a bit of a to-try list, as follows:

  • Guild Wars 2 (buy the box)
  • The Secret World (I believe this is buy the box too?)
  • Elder Scrolls Online (box + sub)
  • Final Fantasy XIV (free trial)
  • H1Z1 (in development)
  • Everquest Next (in development)

That list is a lot shorter than my /played list. Though my /played list has several titles that I probably didn’t give a fair chance to. So anyway, the real point of this post was to say that I have decided I’m going to buy Guild Wars 2 and give it a good go. With ArcheAge still in closed beta, the play periods are short, and eventually there will be open beta and I believe the game is going to be free to play, so I can dive into that at the appropriate times. In the interim, I want to jump into GW2. Many people have recommended the game to me over this course of time where I’ve complained about features (or lack thereof) in the other games I’ve been trying.

Since I didn’t really know much about the game I decided to start by reading about it on the wiki. Going through the races, the Charr interest me most. That was a rather easy choice. Looking at classes, there are multiple that appeal to me, and since I don’t really know how any of them will play (and I know it should come down to personal preference) I’m having trouble deciding which class to play. I know that outside of the classes that do really interest me, there’s others that still might suit my playstyle. As a result, I’m asking for feedback as to what class you think I would have a blast playing in this poll:

If you would, add in what class you play, and why you chose a particular class for me in the comments. I appreciate the help and your opinions!

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