RE: Guild Wars 2

The other day I made a post requesting feedback on what class people thought I should play in Guild Wars 2. I made the post because I was prepping myself mentally for a new start in a new MMO, and it’s a game I really knew nothing about. Two things I learned from that post, or the comments rather:

1. No one that commented really knows my playstyle preference in MMOs, or games in general.
2. There are quite a few passionate GW2 players that had a lot of interesting viewpoints on the game.

My recent commentary about MMOs for the past year or so doesn’t really paint a picture of my gaming personality, so point 1 is forgiven. And I love passionate people when it comes to games, so I loved seeing the back and forth banter, enough so that I let it happen without really commenting further.

So what’s the point of this? Well, my Dad ended up reading my post (and voted for Guardian, really?) and before I even told him that I was planning to buy the game next week, he tells me he sprung for it. So yeah, I’ve had the game for a couple of days. No, that’s not the reason I’m almost late with this post (really cutting it close though). I actually had a rather busy day that included a bunch of running around, and I’ve just sat down at the computer now.

There was no clear winner in the poll from the other day. Guardian, Thief, Elementalist and Necromancer all received 3 votes. I had no interest in the Guardian whatsoever, and my initial interest was in Thief, Necro, Mesmer, and Engineer. I have since rolled one of each of those (all different races) along with a Warrior for shits n’ giggles.

A Charr Thief was my first choice. I absolutely love this class, and I believe it’s going to be my main. I’m dual wielding at the moment, but toying with the idea of going dagger/pistol. Any thoughts on that?

I also am seriously confused by the whole megaserver thing. I read a post on the official site about it, and that didn’t really help my understanding at all either. It seems like it works like other cross-server functions work in other MMOs, in that you can get grouped up with other people on the same map that are from different servers. It appears that having them on your friends list or in your party increases the likelihood that they will be on the same map as you. But you’re still prompted with a server list on log in. So wtf am I missing? Can someone clear this up?

Anyway, I apparently didn’t take screenshots of all of the characters made, but here’s some shots of what I did:

Izlain, the Charr Thief
Sylvani Mesmer
Norn Warrior

Despite everyone warning me that I shouldn’t expect the usual with this game, it’s still similar enough, or at least I’ve played enough MMOs that it all feels just about right. Most of my expectations were met with the classes, and I enjoy the combat thus far. The storylines are very involving and I really like that, because story is usually so lacking in most AAA MMOs. Here’s hoping that the PvP is fun. More on this as it develops. Feedback will be appreciated!

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