I Know That Feel

Writing that post the other day about the Sega Genesis titles got me feeling rather nostalgic. I’ve written about nostalgia recently, along with dedicating a significant portion of last week’s podcast to the topic. Regardless of whether or not nostalgia worked well or not is besides the point. What the point is, is that I ended up searching for a particular PS3 title that could sate my desire to play some Sega games. My brother-in-law picked up a copy of said title a few years ago, and I did play it a bit back then, but realized that I hadn’t really dug deep enough into it. I wanted a copy of my own. The game? Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.

A collection of almost 50 games, this package was worth it’s original asking price (whatever that may have been), but the $18 I paid for a copy at Gamestop yesterday was even better. Not only does the collection have many of the games I listed in my recent post, it has other titles that I still enjoy but didn’t include. I thought I’d make a list of the games for those of you who are curious, with a small amount of commentary:

  1. Alex Kidd
  2. Alien Storm
  3. Alien Syndrome
  4. Altered Beast (+ arcade version)
  5. Beyond Oasis (on my list)
  6. Bonanza Bros.
  7. Columns
  8. Comix Zone
  9. Congo Bongo
  10. Decap Attack
  11. Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine
  12. Dynamite Headdy
  13. Ecco the Dolphin
  14. Ecco: Tides of Time
  15. ESWAT
  16. Fantasy Zone
  17. Fatal Labyrinth (on my list)
  18. Flicky
  19. Gain Ground
  20. Golden Axe (on my list)
  21. Golden Axe 2
  22. Golden Axe 3
  23. Golden Axe Warrior
  24. Kid Chameleon (on my list)
  25. Phantasy Star
  26. Phantasy Star II
  27. Phantasy Star III (on my list)
  28. Phantasy Star IV (on my list)
  29. Ristar
  30. Shining Force (on my list)
  31. Shining Force II (on my list)
  32. Shining in the Darkness
  33. Shinobi (arcade)
  34. Shinobi III
  35. Sonic the Hedgehog
  36. Sonic 2
  37. Sonic 3 (on my list)
  38. Sonic & Knuckles (on my list)
  39. Sonic 3D Blast
  40. Sonic Spinball
  41. Space Harrier
  42. Streets of Rage
  43. Streets of Rage 2 (on my list)
  44. Streets of Rage 3
  45. Super Thunder Blade
  46. Vectorman
  47. Vectorman 2
  48. Zaxxon

There are a lot of good games here, but then there’s a lot of crap too. Some of the games that made this collection I can’t help but ask, why? Others make sense and I owned most of them at one point or another. I have a lot of fond memories of many of the titles, but the ones I absolutely adore made it on to my other list. Last night I didn’t play as much as I would have liked, but I was in the mood for some puzzle-game action, so I played Mean Bean Machine and Columns. The former was a lot harder than I remembered, the latter was still super easy, to the point that I just shut it off because I was at level 50 and didn’t think I’d lose any time soon. I also fired up the first Phantasy Star game because I had never played it before, and it was on of those games that I just don’t see myself ever playing. It is a conversion of a Master System (8-bit) title, so it’s really dated and I just couldn’t handle it. Phantasy Star II (another that I hadn’t played) felt a bit better, but was still annoying. Having played IV the most, and it being the best of the series made the others fall flat. I still need to dive into some of these other games, but now that I own them all, there’s time.

That’s it for today. Been a busy day, I still have podcast editing to do, and I wanted to meet the deadline (which is fast approaching). I have something planned for tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get it posted earlier in the day. Until then.

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