No Going Back

Wow. Just wow. The finale for the second season of The Walking Dead series by TellTale Games was simply fantastic. It had tense moments, it had tear-jerking moments. There was betrayal, there was action, there was a lot of good and a lot of bad. I wish it wasn’t over. I know that there has been the announcement that a third season is in the works, but judging by the gap between the first and second seasons, we have some time to wait. Perhaps Tales from the Borderlands and the Game of Thrones series will hold us over well enough. A second season of The Wolf Among Us should be in there somewhere too. But I digress. On with the continuation of my playthrough: (SPOILERS AHEAD)


They changed the colors on the above screen, so it didn’t really agree with my cell phone’s camera. I couldn’t get a good shot of it, but hopefully you can still make my choices out.

So when we left off, #myclementine had just shot the Rebecca zombie square in the head, and the Arvo’s Russian buddies opened fire on my group. As the new episode opened, we were in the midst of that fire fight. Everyone had taken cover, Clementine ended up on her belly in the middle of the stand-off, and realized the baby needed rescuing. Luke was off behind a low wall, calling for Clem to head to safety, but I knew that baby needed to take precedence. I chose to rescue the baby before taking cover, as did the majority of players.

Luke was going to go help Kenny who was pinned down behind a tree. He asked that Clementine cover him, so she popped off a shot, but Luke was hit anyway, in the leg. He took cover again. After a while, Kenny was still trying to take out the last Russian, when Jane appeared out of nowhere, stabbing the guy in the neck. We were surprised to see her, but it was nice that she returned. Jane and Clem had started to build a relationship before Jane had left in the last episode. The last Russian left was Arvo, who was sobbing over his sister’s body, when she turned and Clem was forced to shoot her. He went into a rage but Kenny quickly put him in his place. Arvo told the group of a house where they were staying with lots of supplies, and the group decided to follow him there. Kenny was very abusive towards Arvo, but in the end I sided with Kenny, because for one I’m loyal to him, but also because Arvo seems like a shady asshole.

The group headed forward, stopping for the night at a small electrical outpost, that was nicely fenced in. Luke declared it was his birthday as far as he could tell, and he was now 27. Bonnie procured some Rum from her sack and everyone had a drink to celebrate. Jane and Kenny had separated themselves from the group, and Clementine was able to convince them to join. Mike seemed to be a little too disagreeing with Kenny over the treatment of Arvo, so the happy camp didn’t last long. Soon, it was the next day and the trek to Arvo’s hideout resumed.

Finding the house, the group realizes that it’s a half-finished house that someone was probably working on before the apocalypse. It was across a frozen river, which Arvo insisted was safe. As the group crossed, the ice started to crack, and with Luke having an injury, he was bringing up the rear. He ended up partially falling through the ice, and worse yet, a group of walkers was closing in. Bonnie suggested I help Luke, everyone else said to leave him, including Luke. I went against the better judgement to go help Luke, but Clem ended up falling through the ice. Luke followed in shortly after, and walkers that had fallen in during their pursuit attacked them. Clem was pulled out by Jane, while Luke was dragged to the bottom. I can’t believe how selfish most players were, they didn’t even try to help him. Unfortunately he died anyway, but at least I tried.

Clementine was freezing at this point, and Arvo had tried to run during the distraction. Kenny caught him though, and once inside Arvo was tied up. A fire was started (though I will note that no one seemed in much of a hurry to help out Clementine at this point, except for Jane and Kenny), and Clem falls asleep next to it. Upon waking, Kenny is outside trying to fix a pickup truck so the group could move on. Kenny had attacked Arvo because he assumed that the supplies were a lie so Arvo could save his own skin. Turns out the supplies were real, but only a couple of duffle bags and not really sufficient. Mike, Bonnie and Jane all expressed their distaste for Kenny’s behavior, but I stayed true. Clem helped him working on the truck, but to no avail. She went back inside to check on the baby, and talks with Jane, who is considering leaving again, mainly because Luke died and she had a sort of attraction to him. Suddenly, Kenny gets the truck to start and everyone discusses what comes next. Basically, Kenny wants to continue north, to find Wellington, which is why they had come this way in the first place. Everyone else wants to go south and get out of the snow. They decide to sleep on it.

Clementine wakes in the middle of the night. She hears noise outside and upon investigation, sees Mike, Bonnie and Arvo grabbing supplies and loading up the truck. Pulling her gun, she asks what they were doing. At this point Mike starts to try and convince her to leave the others behind and to leave with the truck and supplies, but I decided to have her yell out for Kenny and Jane. Arvo then shoots Clem, and Kenny comes running out of the house screaming when things go dark. Apparently the option to leave with Mike was present here, but I chose against that, which was in line with the majority.

Waking again, this time in the back seat of the truck, the group is reduced to Kenny, Jane, Clem and the baby, who has been named Alvin Jr, or AJ, which I failed to mention. They are driving down a highway and arguing incessantly. Jane wants to turn back, to go back to the camp where they had basically been prisoners. Kenny wants to stay the course. I did my best to get the two of them to stop arguing, when we came to a road block of sorts, a bunch of smashed up cars. Kenny gets out to check it out, and says if anything goes wrong to meet him at the rest stop up ahead. Clem gets into the driver seat, and Jane keeps on about leaving him behind. Gun shots. Walkers appear but no Kenny. Jane puts the truck into gear and tells Clem to step on the gas, which she does. Soon enough they have a walker smashed through the windshield and have crashed the truck. Jane bails out with the baby, and after shooting the walker Clem follows. Jane rushes off leaving Clem behind, where she has to navigate through a blizzard and a bunch of walkers. Eventually Clem finds the rest stop.

Going inside, she finds Kenny, but no Jane. Kenny starts to freak out, when Jane becomes visible. She doesn’t have the baby. Kenny runs outside looking for AJ, while Jane tells Clem that she’s going to show her what a monster Kenny is. When he comes back, he and Jane get into it, first with words, then physically. The struggle ends with Kenny on top of Jane, pushing her knife into her chest. I was presented with the option of shooting Kenny, but I chose to look away while the deed was done. Kenny’s my boy, and has been through a lot with me through two seasons. Seems to be an even split on this decision.

Afterwards crying is heard, and it turns out that Jane had stashed the baby in a nearby car, where the pair found him. Relieved, Kenny explains his reasoning for everything, and I happily agreed with him. Sure he loses his temper sometimes, but overall he is a good man that has had to deal with a lot of terrible things. I see that. I understand. We knew that Wellington had to be close, so we headed off. 9 days pass.

The snow has subsided. Coming to the top of a hill, we see the heavily reinforced walls of Wellington. Approaching, a warning shot is fired from the wall. A woman shouts that we need to drop our weapons and approach. Then she gives the bad news. Wellington is indeed a sanctuary for people who happen to make it that far. Unfortunately there isn’t enough room/supplies for more people. Our hearts dropped. Kenny pleads for her to talk to someone and ask if they will take the children — a noble sacrifice. He tells Clem that she must, that she can take care of AJ and they’ll have a chance to survive. When the woman returns, she says that yes they will take the children, but not him. I refused. There was no way I was letting Kenny wander off to die. He’s my best friend throughout all of this. Everyone else has come and gone. Besides Lee, he had done more for my Clementine than anyone else. I chose to stay with him. The woman gave us two packs of supplies and welcomed us to come back in a couple of months, when they might be able to spare some room. Kenny, Clementine and AJ walked off towards the horizon, and the 3rd season ends. Apparently most people chose to either kill Kenny earlier, or to stay in Wellington. I’m a member of #teamkenny. And that’s how it will stay.

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