As I mentioned in my last State of the Game post, I have taken up World of Warcraft again. The whole trek started with creating a Draenei to play with my Dad and a bunch of his guild friends from other games (I primarily played with them in the past in Everquest II, but I know they have bounced between others). We had a full group of Draenei to run around with, over on the Eonar server, where one of said friends had an established guild on the Alliance side. I’m not really an Alliance type, I have always preferred the “evil” factions and races in my MMOs (I will forever love the Ratonga race, and want more rat-like creatures to play as in future MMOs). As such, it really didn’t matter what we played, I was only going to be partaking during the given time: Saturdays each week. Before this guild and Saturday group got started though, my Dad and friends had rolled on the Aerie Peak server, Horde side. As a result, I already had two play destinations right off the bat.

I used to play WoW having tried it on numerous occasions, but actually purchasing/subscribing back in 2010, Wrath of the Lich King days. I leveled an Undead Warlock to about 60, and also made a Death Knight. I know there were probably other alts in there, but it was all done on the same server. I was playing with co-workers and they were all well established on that server, but I can’t remember which one it was. I also couldn’t remember what my account info was, so I made the decision to purchase the game again, this time through Battle.net and with my existing account that has all of the other Blizzard games installed. It’s probably better this way, as I can get the changed new player experience along the way, and not be confused by changes or not knowing wtf I was doing at the time. Two expansions worth of content are waiting, once I get there of course. Warlords of Draenor is on the way as well, though I’m no where near being able to appreciate what it adds (aside from character model upgrades).

I never took screens of the Draenei night, but we ran through the starter bit and moved into the slightly more open world. We ended up being level 8 as a group, because we ended up slowing ourselves down indirectly. With a game like WoW that has been homogenized down to a single player leveling experience, playing through starter quests as a group slows everything down. Not only do you have to wait for everyone to get all of the body drops they need, but things like the group looting method can be a hindrance. Quests to kill ten rats weren’t so bad as we all just slaughtered stuff and it counts for all. Unfortunately we had the group looting method set to round robin, so when we were all close together, getting body drops ended up taking a long time. I had wandered off far enough that I got a drop from each kill, while everyone else was complaining about how long it was taking. I, in turn was then complaining about having to wait for them all to catch up, when I figured out what the problem was. Changing the loot settings fixed the problem. We probably would have gotten a bit further otherwise, but this upcoming Saturday should prove to be more productive.

Not wanting to let my sub time slowly drain away between weekends, I decided it was time to create other characters to play on days besides Saturday. I sent out a message on Twitter, and Scarybooster was the first to respond, and before you knew it I was in another dedicated group of Undead, on the Earthen Ring server. This also came along with a guild invite to Kamikaze Runners, and a reincarnation of Gnart was born. Gnart was the name of my first character in the above referenced WoW excursion, a Warlock. Now Gnart is a Priest, due to group need. I still have to level to 21-ish to be caught up, but I did manage to get to level 15 last night.


I’ve moved from Tirisfal Glades and into the Silverpine Forest, and the questing is one part things I remember, one part things I do not. There are more cinematic bits where you get bits of lore and that also help you to get around a bit faster:

WoWScrnShot_090214_235108 WoWScrnShot_090214_234941 WoWScrnShot_090214_230013

There are also little mini-games of sorts, which were new additions (I remember getting to this island before was a pain, and now you just fly over and throw stuff, good fun)


There are also more quests where you have a helper or follower that carries things (below), or in some cases helps fight (like the specter in the above picture)



Overall it’s been a good experience, and it’s nice to be able to set everything to Ultra and have it run beautifully. I am looking forward to checking out even more of the changes for the old world newbie zones, which I intend to do when not playing in one of these dedicated groups.

On my own time, I also wanted to see what the fuss about these Pandaren are. I rolled up a Hunter, with the intention of going Horde allegiance when I’m done with the starter zone.

Say hello to Izlaint, who is Jesus' cousin.
Say hello to Izlaint, who is Jesus’ cousin.

I have nearly completed the starter isle at the time of this writing. I will say that despite the game having a ten year old engine, they have still found ways to squeeze out beauty in the newer content. The older stuff still looks good on the highest graphic settings, but it’s a little muddy/blurry in parts. The Timeless Isle looks beautiful all the way around. Adventures have been pretty fun, and though it’s a themepark and I know it’s a themepark and I’m the guy who bitches about hating that themepark grind, it’s been a ton of fun and I’m hooked for the time being. Here’s some more shots of my Panda adventures before I go:

WoWScrnShot_090114_013742 WoWScrnShot_090114_021604 WoWScrnShot_090114_022405

More to come, stay tuned.

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