State of the Game: Round up of things

It’s that time again already. The weekly round up. Well, as you probably gathered by now, I mainly played World of Warcraft this week, so I won’t go too much into it. Here’s links to those posts if you missed them:

Horde Side Endeavors

Despite Blaugust’s end, I still managed to post all but one day since the beginning of the month, and I’d say that means it mostly sunk in. I still don’t believe I’ll keep the daily posting schedule, but as long as I still have things to write, I’ll keep on writing. Make sense? Right then. Moving on.

In my last post I was going on about a particular group function that I was to partake in, but that bit fell through. Instead, I went about my business with Thalimoos, my new Tauren Paladin. I got him invited into Kamikaze Runners, and set about leveling some more through Azshara.


Azshara is an interesting zone, and I hadn’t ever played through it before, so I’m not sure what has or hasn’t changed. Regardless, the Goblins seem to live here (which is weird, since after leaving the Goblin starter area you end up in Ogrimmar instead of here), there’s a bunch of the various fish-people, and a rather fun transportation system. Riding around on a rocket-on-rails reminds me a lot of rollercoasters, and those are always a blast. One of my favorite bits throughout the zone was getting these guys as followers:


This elite Goblin task force was fun to roll around with. Later, I hit level 20 and was surprised to see that not only did I automatically learn apprentice riding, but I was also automatically given my racial mount: the Kodo Beast. I also tested out the Hearthsteed, and it was exactly the same in appearance, so I’m guessing the only bit that changes is with your riding level. I’ll confirm this at a later date.


Otherwise I’ve been checking out the latest Playstation Plus Freebies and watching TV. I played Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale in the past, and I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. This time around I rather like it, but that’s because I’ve gotten a better understanding of it. The game is basically a rip-off of Smash Bros, but it’s done with mostly characters I know and love, so that’s ok. Nintendo lost relevance with me a long time ago. Where this game is lacking compared to Smash Bros. is the story. The “story” mode of PASBR consists of a more traditional arcade mode: fight a few rounds, beat the boss, move on. The little cut scenes don’t really add to any sort of ongoing story. The challenges force you to play particular characters, but they’re pretty basic as well. Overall, if you know Smash Bros. you know this game, so it is what it is. I’ve enjoyed the time spent so far.

The other new freebie, Hoard, is a pretty basic arcade-y game, and it’s fun but nothing really long lasting. You get a map, there’s buildings and crops and mobs to burn, you grab gold, take it to your hoard, and that’s about that. You compete against other dragons so you can fight them as well, and you can capture princesses. Like I said, basic. Fun for a few minutes here and there, but nothing that’s going to keep you engaged. I imagine it’s more fun with friends. That’s about all I’ve done with gaming. I would like to be playing other things, but as long as I have sub time in WoW, I’m not wasting it.


I’ve been watching Boardwalk Empire before bed lately, and got almost caught up. I’m towards the end of season 4, and season 5 is starting up on HBO very soon. I love the show. The time period, the gangster feel, the rebellion against prohibition. There’s a bunch of known actors and actresses in it as well, so the quality is superb.


Sons of Anarchy starts up this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they end the show. The last season or two lost some of the flair of the original seasons, partially because they’ve killed off fan-favorite characters, but also just the convoluted ideas they’ve used to push things forward. It was obviously that they needed to find a way to end it, and it seems producers and execs agreed. I am sad to see it go, because I’ve enjoyed it for quite some time, but that’s the way these things go. Better to know it ends on a high note. American Horror Story and Walking Dead are also on the horizon. Looking forward to those as well.

That’s all for this week. Til next time.

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