Civ + Magic = Warlock

In case you are living under a rock, the Humble Bundle Store is having a sale. Well, actually they’re not the only ones, is also having a sale, but they’re for different reasons. GOG is turning 6, while Humble is just using the end of summer as an excuse to discount items, and that’s great for anyone who uses the services. I’m highlighting the Humble Store Sale though, because as a part of the promotion they are also giving away a free game each Monday until the 22nd. Yesterday the free game was a title from 2012 called Warlock – Master of the Arcane. The time limit has expired for getting the game for free, but you can still get it for 80% off at $3.99, and by my count it’s worth that. Was even better for free. There’s still two more Mondays to go, so mark your calenders and get free stuff!

So what is Warlock all about? In short, just like this post title: Civ + Magic = Warlock. It’s Civilization in a high fantasy setting. Those of you who have played it, bear with me, there’s more to it than that. That’s just the easiest way to describe the game so just about anyone would understand.

For starters, the game setup. It’s basically what you would expect from a Civ game. Pick your character (in this case, Mage, but small variations on the same sort of leader theme from Civ), pick your world size, pick the difficulty, and that’s about it. Once the game is loaded, you’ll have a starting city, a territory ring around it, a couple of units to move around and a couple of buildings pre made. Rather than having the buildings as part of the main city, this game utilizes the hex spaces for building placement, so no workers are needed to build improvements. Improvements for existing buildings come in the form of building a more advanced form of that type of building. Units are created in the same way as Civ games. Resources you manage are gold, food, mana and research. The first two should be obvious, while mana is for casting spells and the research is used for researching new spells. Units come from buildings, not further research of technology. Spells can be used in a variety of ways, for healing or damage, buffing, etc. As long as you have mana you can cast spells, but it is a finite resource and also relies on a cooldown from what I’ve seen. So it’s a strategic resource to say the least. Look at this picture and tell me you aren’t instantly reminded of Civilization games:


I know that there are multiple win conditions, but honestly it feels like a simplified Civ 5, if you include all of the systems from that game’s expansions. It really feels made for the type of Civ player I am, the warmonger. There isn’t happiness to worry about, so before I knew it I was building new towns and capturing neutral ones. That’s another feature that is different, where Civ has barbarians, this game has monsters of varying types and strengths. Their burrows/dens/etc can be captured for gold, so that is the same. The neutral towns serve the spot of city-states, but it doesn’t matter if you take them over, the other mages won’t bother you (at least, they haven’t to this point). The only interaction I’ve had with another mage was that he keeps demanding I give him gold, and for whatever reason there isn’t a way to negotiate these terms. You’re literally give the option to either pay up or declare war. There’s no “no thank you” decline option, or “yeah sure I’ll give you some gold in exchange for…” which is rather annoying. Thankfully once I declared war and didn’t actually attack, he made peace in a few turns.

So far I’ve just been researching and expanding, and clearing out the monster camps that spawn. I see myself just trying to kill everything in sight while continuing to build an empire, so I’ll let you know how that goes. As of right now, my empire has expanded to this point:


I actually built the two to the right, and the one to the left was a neutral town that I captured. The red outline on the right is my rival, and I haven’t seen any others just yet. I had fun with the game from what I’ve played so far, but the lack of depth is a good and bad thing. Like I said, it caters to my warmonger side, and that’s all well and good, but some of the subsystems from Civilization 5 along with some of the polish would have been nice. However, for a change of pace 4x game, it’s rather good. There’s a sequel that released earlier this year, and I think I’ll pick that one up as well when the time comes. It’s on sale too for $14.99 via Humble, if you want to get both at the same time.

If you managed to get it let me know and we’ll get a multiplayer game going. I think it would be fun to try out.

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