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Did you know that today is National Video Games Day? I didn’t either. Judging by my small section of the blogosphere, and even the major news publication sites that I follow (pertaining to gaming of course), most people don’t know about it either. Doing some research on Google didn’t bring up much either, save for an article or two, and a general feeling of no-one-knows-about-this-shit. The only reason I even picked up on the “holiday” was via Twitter, and a the #NationalVideoGamesDay hashtag that’s going around. About the only big name that I saw with the tag was accompanied by this picture:

Never stop adventuring… as long as it’s in one of our games.

Nintendo and a couple others used the hashtag, but that was about it. Seems to be something completely negligible. My small sampling of the Internet can’t possibly cover everyone or every company, so I ask: Did you know about the supposed holiday?

In keeping with the spirit of the video games day, I decided to do a small round-up of things I came across while perusing the web. Here’s some stuff for you to gawk at, in no particular order.

League of Legends has produced a documentary style video series that’s very similar to Valve’s Free to Play movie that is available on Steam, covering their eSports giant, Dota 2. LoL eSports has countered with Road to Worlds that takes a look at the teams and hopefuls surrounding the World Championship of LoL. Part one released earlier, part two is available now, and I think part three will wrap things up sometime soon. It’s not too long and worth a watch, if you fancy that sort of thing.

Forbes has an interesting article about how the PS4 and XBone are already out-of-date. In some sense the article is 100% accurate, because in truth all hardware is out-of-date the moment it ships. Something new is always in the works, so nothing lasts forever at the pinnacle of technology. In the case of the newest generation of consoles, their hardware was out of date before they even released. This is due to the fact that the design process happens at a certain point in time, and manufacturing takes a while. So by the time a new console releases, PCs have already passed them by. Hence the PC master race argument. However, optimization and being proprietary allows for systems to last for as long as they do, as developers don’t have to account for a billion system makeups when designing a game for a console. The article isn’t about anything that I just said though, and more just about the advancement of Television technology, and how the fact that neither system natively supports 4k resolutions. Apparently there’s some way to upscale, but without the native support, and the way that 1080P monitors will eventually go the way of the dodo, this writer is saying that this console generation is inherently flawed. He also says that this will be the shortest console generation to date. I guess we’ll see about that. I don’t see myself rushing to get a 4k television anytime soon. Hell, I only bought my first LCD TV a couple of years ago. Maybe he’s speaking directly to the elitist, keeping-up-with-the-joneses types. The guys and gals who are trampling each other to get an iPhone 6. Meh.

Mabrick wrote a very interesting post about the trends of blogs/news sites that pertain to gaming, along with the trends of YouTube, Let’s Plays and Twitch. TL;DR: blogs and e-zines are trending down, anything relating to video is trending up. I honestly don’t think blogs will completely die off. I do think that people should experiment with video and other formats though, just to stay semi-future proof. Mabrick has a lot of independent research in his post, I recommend giving it a full read.

Murf writes a post about how there needs to be more digital board games on Steam, and I agree with him. Of course, these games automatically deserve an online multiplayer component, but it seems that some do not. I’d like to take the opportunity to point out The Witcher Adventure Game to Mr. Murf. I got into the beta for said game, but have yet to try it out. Check that link and sign up, perhaps it will give you a taste of what you’re looking for. Back to the point, it’s a shame that there aren’t more digital board games, given the fact that most people get involved with real-life stuff and have little time to get together with friends over a beer and a board game. Having an online component would alleviate the issue, and I’m surprised more companies haven’t jumped at the chance to immortalize their favorite board games digitally.

Lastly, a couple of tweets that I find entertaining (yes, I’m shamelessly retweeting mysefl)

The #<word>Gate hashtag craze has now come full circle. We’re taking it back! One beard at a time.

This was just too funny, the way words can change context in different cultures. Hilarity ensues.

That’s about it. I just wanted to get something out there for the holiday. I plan to spend the remainder of the day gaming, as the holiday dictates. For those of you who don’t care, Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Internet Holiday

  1. There are a lot of odd and hard to support consumer driven holidays pop up over the years. National video games day is one I can fully support! And no, never heard of it. I’d be all over that =)

    Also agree on the board games angle – I would think that they would be easy games to make (rules already established, just have to build out the “experience” and multiplayer aspects).


    • Apparently there’s another video game day sometime near the beginning of the summer. I hadn’t heard of either. Neither really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it gave me something to write about 😀


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