2014 Week 2 Preview

It’s no secret that the Packers got creamed by the Seahawks last week, in the season opener. I had my doubts about winning, but at the same time I had faith that the game would be closer than it ended up being. Thankfully that was only the first game of the season, and not the playoffs. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Seahawks (or 49ers) won’t be there to ruin our party this year. I think that was the biggest challenge of the season until playoff time, so hopefully we start wrecking face from here on out. The Jets are a tough opponent, they have had their way with us in the past, though our last meeting was a shut out in their house. I know the Pack doesn’t want to start out 0-2, especially in a home game, so I’m thinking this is a Win situation. The official site is doing these infographics again this year, so here’s one with some interesting stats about home field openers:


I’m ready for some football. Are you?

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