State of the Game: The Usual Suspects

It’s half-time of the Packers game, so I thought I’d take the time to write up this column. This week I played many of the usual games, and one new title. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

Solo Adventures:

I’ve been plugging away on my Tauren Paladin. Thalimoos is now level 28, and has had to actually skip over some of the solo content. After blowing through the Tauren starting areas, I moved through to Ogrimmar and chose to play through Azshara rather than the Barrens. This lead me around the zone and into Ashenvale. I had some interesting adventures in the zone, but it was cut short, as I was already level 25 when I entered the zone, and it’s supposed to top out at that level. Apparently doing ALL of the quests in a zone and not even bothering with dungeons or PvP causes you to outlevel everything. Here’s some shots of my time in the zone, and then we’ll move on:

WoWScrnShot_091014_224140 WoWScrnShot_091014_230117 WoWScrnShot_091014_231745 WoWScrnShot_091014_234035 WoWScrnShot_091214_022934 WoWScrnShot_091214_030204 WoWScrnShot_091214_030223 WoWScrnShot_091214_032131 WoWScrnShot_091214_172757

Since everything was getting outleveled, I figured out that the next stop on my trip should be in the Stonetalon Mountains. I picked up the starter from Ogrimmar, and then ran through the zones grabbing all the flight paths along the way. I did take some time out to try a battleground (Warsong Gulch), my first time with WoW PvP:

WoWScrnShot_091214_023627 WoWScrnShot_091214_024749

I think I did alright, nothing spectacular, but my team did end up winning. Most of my deaths came from being last man standing and getting ganged up on.

Instance Group:

On Friday, the weekly Undead instance group reconvened, and we managed to run 7 dungeons in one sitting. It was a blast. We ended up having to do some of the dungeons more than once, and the random gear coming out of the bonus satchels was garbage, but I did end up with a nice staff upgrade along with finally getting a piece of head gear. It’s rather silly looking, but whatever, I has headgear.


More shots of the dungeon crawling night:

WoWScrnShot_091214_183329 WoWScrnShot_091214_183342 WoWScrnShot_091214_183457 WoWScrnShot_091214_195823 WoWScrnShot_091214_201224 WoWScrnShot_091214_213024

Other Games:

Me and Doone picked up where we left off on our game of Civilization V. It took us a few turns to remember what we were doing, but it came back easily enough. I had decided it was time to muscle Arabia off of our island, and in the process we razed two of their towns. We also destroyed on of the city-states allied with them, who wouldn’t stop with harrassment. After we pushed Arabia back, I started expanding to take over resources, when Genghis Khan decided he wanted a taste too. He and Dido allied, and they both set up cities on our banks. I had just heavily invested in an air force, so I quickly bombed and depleted Khan’s city. Dido still had a foothold in the north near Arabia’s remaining cities, but we are fortified and apparently nearing the turn limit for the game. Our score is way ahead of the competition, so I believe that we’ll just play things out and win it all based on score. I don’t like winning that way, but I’m also not the one who set up the game (next time, no turn limit Doone! :P). Later on I was browsing the Steam Workshop for the game, and decided to try out some mods, because why not? I ended up getting a package of Middle-Earth mods that changed the game quite a bit, but it ended up feeling a little hollow. I know there are other mods on there, so I might try out some others, or just stick with the regular game. Mods are cool when they do it right, but sometimes they seem kind of pointless.

Lastly, I got started with a game series that I hadn’t ever played. I remember hearing about it, but just never got around to playing it. The game in question? F.E.A.R. I’m not going to go into much detail here because I’m going to save it for a new playthrough series, as I played for a bit and got a lot of great screen shots. Here’s a teaser, but be on the lookout for more regarding this game in the future:


It’s a lot of fun for being almost ten years old already. Spooky too. Anyway, that’s all for this week. Til next time.

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    • Yeah I love the Horror genre, be it movies, books/comics, TV shows, or games. I have all 3 F.E.A.R. games now, just getting started with them, most likely going to do an ongoing playthrough.


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