Bragtoberfest Begins!


What’s that? It’s October already? Where does the time go?

Being October 1st, that means Bragtoberfest has officially begun! The Anook page is set up. A Blog post has been made. A podcast was dedicated to it. Many others have made posts regarding the event, so if you don’t know what it is by now, well, reference what I’ve linked here and get caught up!

This post isn’t about making the announcement of the event, this is more to clarify what’s going on. If you listened to the podcast or read any of the above you should have an fair idea of what’s to come over the course of the month, but I did get a little feedback that seems to point to the fact that maybe I wasn’t clear enough. So, to reiterate, Bragtoberfest is a celebration of being a gamer, and what better way than to play games together, and to be able to brag about your accomplishments? Bragging isn’t limited to “I beat so-and-so at this game,” but also earning achievements, and doing whatever it is you do in games; being successful, and sharing that success. To be clear, there are no rules. We just provide guidelines and you are welcome to participate as you see fit.

Wilhelm brought up a good point in that I didn’t dictate how we should be using the Bragtoberfest Anook page, and he decided to follow suit with the way we used the Blaugust Nook. I would like to formally encourage you to share your Bragtoberfest experiences on the Nook, by sharing your posts there. Let’s build it into another community hub. Feel free to use the forums there to organize your own gaming events, and feel free to share any and all of this on Twitter or other social networks. This event doesn’t belong to me. This event belongs to all of us.

As I’ve already mentioned, we’re running events each weekend of the month. Kicking off on Saturday the 4th, I’ll be running a Strife gaming event. Strife is a free to play MOBA that is actually rather easy to get into. Not only does it provide all of the champions to you right from the start, but it’s also rather forgiving in difficulty. There’s a higher health regen rate, there’s an easier to follow item system. To quote J3w3l it’s “baby’s first MOBA,” and that’s a fitting moniker. I figure depending on turnout, we can either set up several co-op bot matches or one (or more) 5v5 games. This is for fun of course, and keeping the group contained to just us, we avoid any potential toxicity (which I’m not sure exists in this game, but still). Be sure to download the client before Saturday and play through the brief tutorial that it throws at you so that you can be ready to play when we start. As the votes would dictate, we’re going with the winning time frame, and as such I believe a 2 p.m. PST time frame is the best time to start. That’s roughly 10 p.m. in Europe and 7 a.m. for the far east. Follow me on Twitter, I’ll be making the call for when we are ready to begin, and add me on Steam as well so we can communicate outside of the games.

Looking forward, I’m going to do a round-up post for this short week on Monday. In it, I will also provide writing prompts for the following week. Expect this to happen each Monday in October. We also have a schedule of events planned, including:

  • October 11th: Path of Exile – hosted by J3w3l
  • October 18th: Zombies Monsters Robots – hosted by Me
  • October 24th: Community Poll (this poll will take place on J3w3l’s blog soon, also hosted by her)

More info on these events will be found on Healing the Masses:

  • Flash Games
  • Create-a-Dungeon – Neverwinter
  • Character Creator

Prizes will be given out randomly to those attending the major events. The weekly and monthly challenges will come with prizes of their own.

There has also been further talk about including some console events, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Mr. Luvva Luvva also wants you guys to join him in Destiny, so feel free to make contact with him to help set that up if you’re interested. Lastly, Doone and I had also agreed that a high score challenge needs to go down for Pac-Man Championship DX, which he recently picked up on Steam and I also own on the PS3. I still need to check and make sure that the game is the same (no major discrepancies between the ports) and then we will pick rules and a timeframe for that. Please, do feel free to come up with your own ideas as well, even if it’s with non-blogging friends or a game that not everyone owns. I will still look forward to reading your posts about your gaming experiences!

In closing, I wanted to reveal the full list of achievements you can earn as part of Bragtoberfest. This will give you an idea of what to shoot for. It’s a pretty easy to follow list, and remember that each of these achievements earned will give you a roll towards prizes at the end of the month, so even if you don’t participate in the gaming side of things, spreading the word and blogging can get you involved.

Bragtoberfest Events:
-Joined in 1 Event
-Joined in 2 Events
-Joined in ALL Events

Bragtoberfest Blogging:
-Bragged 1 Time
-Bragged 10 Times
-Bragged 15+ Times

Bragtoberfest Mentions:
-Partner – mentioned on your blog
-Podcaster – mentioned on your podcast
-Vlogger – mentioned in a video
-Socialite – mentioned on social media

Bragtoberfest Completionist:
-earned ALL achievements

Hopefully I’ve covered all the bases and this is all as clear and concise as possible. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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