Bragtoberfest Final Recap


October is almost over and that means that Bragtoberfest is coming to an end. It actually feels like it has already ended, and as such this post is going to be a short one.

For the past three weeks I have recounted our weekend event that would be hosted by either me or J3w3l, and then go on about either what achievements were earned or what was upcoming. Finally, I would give a round-up of all the posts I could find about the events or people’s individual bragging points. Today, I scoured the community and saw a single post. J3w3l reported that this past weekend’s event saw one participant. That’s either due to the fact that the game chosen was ArcheAge and no one wants to play it (even though the community voted it in), or because on the same day everyone and their mother were doing Extra Life gaming marathons. We did not anticipate that, so I’ll take the blame there. Either way, Bragtoberfest feels to have ended early, and as such there isn’t much else to report.

I think that the event was fun, and I hope that people enjoyed playing games together, and writing about them. Due to the extra organization (on top of maintaining a blog and podcast) of this event, I’m ready to be done with these sorts of things for a while. I intend to do this again next year and maybe it will be even bigger and better then, but I’ll judge the community’s interest level when the time comes around again. Otherwise it’s looking like we’re on our own until the next NBI, unless someone comes up with something the interim. I love the community building feel of events like this, but when something seems done it’s best to leave well enough alone.

I still have a bunch of games that I was planning on giving out to those who earned achievements during the event, and I’ll do finally tallies at the end of the week. I’ll contact you if you won something. Otherwise, it’s back to business as usual. I hope you all had a great month!

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7 thoughts on “Bragtoberfest Final Recap

  1. This had been great even though I did not have much to brag about lol. I certainly enjoyed the opportunities to play with you all. Maybe I’ll have something at the last minute!

    I look forward to this again next year, maybe I’ll have plenty of things to brag about then!

    Thank you for organising all this, and Eri too.


  2. I also enjoyed it buddy! I couldn’t take part in the vents as Saturdays are no good for me, but I’ve loved the community feel of the score challenges and bragging bout stuff! Bring on next year! I still have one post left on the topic of bragging!

    Cheers for the writing material! I never would’ve written some of the articles I have if it wasnt for Bragtoberfest.


  3. This was a great idea, and even though I didn’t really participate in any of the events, I still enjoyed reading all the posts about people’s various brags, so thank you for the idea and organising it!


  4. Thanks for all the love guys and gals. It was a fun thing to put forward. Now I challenge all of you to come up with new ideas throughout the year, and to join us next Bragtober!


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