Dragon Born-Again

This is part of my playthrough of the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim. You can find my playthrough of the Dawnguard DLC, and earlier bits of this adventure on the Ongoing Series page.

Having cleared the last few side quests and earning a house on Solstheim was a great accomplishment, but I was then left with a choice. The current quest chain had ended and there were others in my journal, but all were on the far end of the island and it was starting to feel like I should either start on the main questline or wander around until I found more quests that were closer to “home” as it were. I decided that I wanted to get to the bottom of the case of the missing Miraak. When my quest began I headed in the direction of the Temple of Miraak, fully intending on entering it straight away. But then I came across a solitary building and had to know what was inside. Skyrim has that effect on me.


When I approached the entrance, a Riekling (which appears to be a goblin-esque race) stopped me and said “You. Fol. Low. Me” and I figured I’d see what the little guy wanted. Even if the place was swarming with the little bastards I figured I’d be able to decimate them. Inside, I was taken to their chief, king, or whatever they call their leader.


The leader recognized that I’m a bad ass, so he sent me off to recover Bilgemuck, their prized boar. Apparently the boar had broken out of his pen and was wandering the wilds. I first had to hunt down some meat so I slaughtered wild animals until I found some (it’s not something I typically carry around, since you know, bad asses don’t need to eat). Bringing some meat to Bilgemuck, he then followed me and I put him back in his pen. Easy peasy.


Returning to the chief, he then asked me to collect some “red weed” so they could make “God-dance” or something to that effect. I’m not sure how my strength plays into fetching boars or picking weeds, but I decided to play along — for now.


Thankfully these weeds were all over the place, so collecting ten of them didn’t take long. Returning to the chief, he said that there were “evil men” nearby that wanted to take this building from them, which sounded a lot like “we stole this, and we don’t want to let them have it back.” For the sake of continuity, I followed along, and we killed some Nords. I have no allegiance to either faction really, so who cares.

WP_20141025_012 WP_20141025_013

Funnily enough, right after killing off the Nords who threatened the tribe, the chief turned on me. First he acknowledged my strength yet again, then he proceeded to rant about how I might try to take his place. I simply told him yes, I want the hall for myself, and he attacked. He was easily dispatched. The tribe then moved on, leaving the Mead Hall empty. Perhaps I’ll come across the original owners and let them know that I cleared it out, which will probably come with a reward. Oh how I love the way this world works.


Now I was near the Temple of Miraak and hadn’t seen anymore quests come my way so it was time to get in there and see what the fuss was about. Between hearing voices and seeing a bunch of workers who seemed like mindless zombies (much like those near the Earth Stone in an earlier segment) it seemed like I wouldn’t get any real answers. Then I heard shouting from a female who seemed relatively sane, so I talked to her.


Frea was her name, and she also wanted to enter the temple, recognizing that the temple seemed to be the source of magic power that was controlling all of the locals into constructing this building, and enshrining the stones on the island. I took her along and our party grew to three (which really made this dungeon run super easy). Inside was the typical dungeon running tropes, traps, beasties and treasure. Cultists seemed intent on our destruction, and Dragur were ever present. Soon we had made it to a point where one of the Dragur dropped a key to the interior of the temple, which seemed a little more “homey.”

WP_20141025_015 WP_20141025_018 WP_20141025_019 WP_20141025_022 WP_20141025_023 WP_20141025_025

We descended deeper, and Frea was concerned that the temple would go on forever. She also couldn’t figure out how a long dead person could convince so many people to build all of this. We would get our answer soon enough though, as we came upon a shrine with a book upon it, and I was instantly reminded of the book that transported me to one of the planes of Oblivion.


Of course, as soon as I picked up the book I was transported to that plane, though this time I was unable to move about freely. Floating masses of tentacles surrounded me, and a dragon swooped in a dropped off an armored figure. He was Miraak, and though he was not fully alive, he was not dead. It seemed he was contained to that plane until all of the stones and the temple were completed, but he did admit to being a fellow dragonborn, and told me he would see me again soon. I was then banished from the plane and returned to the shrine room.


We exited the Temple shortly thereafter, and Frea asked that I accompany her to Skaal village, where her father was keeping the village safe with a magical barrier.


It appeared that the barrier would be held for much longer. The “Wind Stone” was nearby and that was the source of corruption. The village was scarcely populated due to the mind controlling effects of the stone, all stemming from Miraak’s power. Frea’s father implores me to go to Saering’s Watch where I can learn a new word of power that might come in handy in the potential battle to come.

At this point I paused the playthrough, but I have a feeling there may be other side tasks to be done in this village. I’m unsure if I will continue the main story or get side tracked again, but you’ll have to stay tuned if you want to find out!

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