By The Numbers: Week 10, 2014


Alright, alright, I know I’m late. I totally forgot about doing my picks this week, even after paying attention to the game last night.  My bad. I won’t count that one in my results, although I had fully planned to pick the Browns to win, but that’s easy to say after the fact. So on to Sunday’s games:

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens

Strange things have happened this season, but I still don’t see the Ravens dropping to a shitty Titans team. Go black birds.

Ravens 31, Titans 7

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills

This one is tough to call, only because the Bills have been semi-good this year. I still think the Chiefs take the cake though.

Chiefs 20, Bills 14

Miami Dolphins vs. Detroit Lions

The Dolphins trounced the Chargers last week. That leads me to believe in them to beat the Lions. Plus I need Detroit to drop a game so the Packers can get back in that 1st place tie.

Dolphins 17, Lions 12

Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Even though the hoopla has subsided in Dallas after Romo has been out (I think he’ll miss this game too), I don’t think they’ll lose to the Jags. I will laugh if they do.

Dallas 27, Jaguars 3

San Francisco 49ers vs New Orleans Saints

I am still bitter about the stinging loss the Saints handed to my boys, but not as bitter as I am towards the 9ers having ruined our post season runs the past couple of years. Fuck the 9ers. Fuck Kapernick.

Saints 38, 49ers 14

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Jets

After all the shit talking that’s been pointed towards the Steelers, they’re looking like a force to be reckoned with again. I never counted them as down and out, and their division race is still pretty tight. The Jets are pathetic and will continue to be. Will Big Ben throw for a shitload more touchdowns? Probably.

Steelers 41, Jets 7

Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Does anyone still care about this game? The NFC south is the joke of the league this year. I guess the Bucs get another win.

Buccaneers 24, Falcons 20

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

Could Peyton Manning have it any easier? Put him in a division that has actual competition and see what happens. The Raiders are still looking for win #1, and it’s not happening here.

Broncos 42, Raiders 0

St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals

Despite the Rams holding on for the win vs the 9ers last week, I don’t see them doing it against the Cards. Arizona is playing playoff football already. Good night Rams.

Cards 36, Rams 10

New York Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks

I think little Manning wakes up and for whatever reason the Giants pull off the upset. Why? Cause fuck you Seattle. That’s why.

Giants 21, Seahawks 17

Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

The oldest rivalry in the book… though it’s been pretty one sided since we’ve had Rodgers. We aren’t losing to Chicago this year. We aren’t losing at home. Cutler is a joke, even his coach said so. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Packers 28, Bears 10

Monday Night:

Carolina Panthers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

I don’t really care who wins this. They’re both pretty poor excuses this year. Foles is out, weakening the Eagles, but Carolina hasn’t gotten it done this year. Hard call. We’ll go with the Panthers just to be nice.

Panthers 13, Eagles

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