State of the Game: Thanksgaming Edition

This week’s round-up post is basically going to be a continuation of my last post, talking about the same four games. I have made some progress in each, so I thought I would share that (so this isn’t completely repetitive, just in titles, not in deeds). So let’s get right to it.

I only played Guild Wars 2 one of the past couple of nights. I didn’t play for too long, but I did level my Charr Thief from 9-12 (I had said I was level 10 already, but was actually short by a quarter of a level). Hitting level 10 now opens your personal story, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the NPE, or if it’s due to having made different choices during character creation, but my story is different than I remember. Then again, a few months between when I first got the game and tried it out and now could be skewing my memory. Either way, the story line lead me from being a lowly peon to the head of my very own Warband, along with recruiting a couple of new troops (after finishing their missions of course). The culmination occurred when I was thrown into the arena, and had to fight off legions of foes, a big monster, and finally the former leader of my Warband. I took a break afterwards and haven’t played since. Here’s some collected screens of my experience so far with the Thief:

gw018 gw019 gw023 gw026 gw027 gw028

The reason I haven’t played as much GW2 as I had in the past week was because of my new found interest in Demon’s Souls. I’ll have to admit that I’ve almost given up on the game a couple of times. But like I’ve read elsewhere, I just can’t keep myself from coming back to it. I will throw my hands up in frustration, turn it off, do something else, and before I know it I’m theorizing what I need to do and I’m back to the game in no time. When I left off, I had beaten the Armored Spider boss, and was getting ready to continue on through the Stonefang Tunnel. Pushing forward, I was confronted by a choice of paths leading to the next boss, and I spend a couple of days playing through each path, figuring out where everything was and picking up all the loot. It took a while to figure out where the boss actually was, and when I finally found him, I was not prepared.


That’s the boss, Flamelurker. He was a bastard. I died pretty readily, and then decided that I should rethink my strategy. I decided that I should throw some souls at my bow (I am a Hunter after all) and upgrade it, so that I might keep my distance. This mean hitting up the early mobs in the stage, retreating to the Nexus and doing some upgrades, and then doing that again and again. I ended up getting my bow to +5 in this fashion, and also got all of my equipment repaired, grabbed a couple of soul levels and consumables. It still took me a couple more tries to down that guy, but I finally got him down last night. I moved onto the next boss, which was directly down a hallway from Flamelurker, who is called the Dragon God. He’s a big ass dude, but the fight amounts to hiding, running, breaking some stuff, and shooting some harpoons into his sides. I haven’t gotten him down yet though, he manages to one shot me every time I’ve been heading to the 2nd harpoon. I’ll get him soon though. Mark my words.

Otherwise, I’ve been on that MOBA kick still. I managed to get the two icons in League of Legends that I had mentioned working towards in my last post. I managed a win on the red side on the new Summoner’s Rift, and since that takes place in the Team Builder queue, I’ve also been playing a lot of solo top with Shen as a tank to earn the tank icon. Now I’ve got to find an assassin that I like so I can earn the final icon.

120px-ProfileIcon713_Red_Team 120px-Tank_icon

That’s really all I have to report there. As far as Awesomenauts goes, I can only say that I’ve actually gotten better rankings this season than any season before it (excluding my ranking on PS3, which is higher still, but never resets). Here’s a shot of my current ranking on the leaderboards:


I’ve actually been higher, but not after the dust settles. What I mean by that is that when a new season starts it’s easy to jump towards the top, but after a few games you level out more where you belong. I’ve been in League 3 since coming to the Steam version of the game, so it seems that’s where I belong, though I’m moving on up. You can see what I mean with this shot of the history of my play:


Scoop is also shown as my favorite character (most used) this season, and I have really started to love him. Also getting the hang of Genji these days.

That’s really all I have for today. More to come in the next week. See you soon.

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