The Terror Beneath

Riot has released a new teaser video, assuredly for a new champion that will be released sometime in the near future (most likely before the new season starts). Watch the vid and see for yourself:

There wasn’t much to see of the actual champion in the presentation, however it does appear that it’s a creature of the void, whatever the case. At least, that purple energy leads me to believe so. A quote about the video:

Traders whisper stories of a beast below Shurima’s sands. They say she stalks the caravans that dare cross her domain. They say she hunts those that run, and kills those that fight. But what if the stories aren’t simple stories? What if they’re true?

So we know it’s a weird sand-burrowing beast of some sort, and it’s a female. My money is on her being a tanky jungler type, the type that seem to be excelling in the preseason jungle right now. Being a tanky type, that would mean she’s also viable in the top lane, but I don’t see this as being a support type class, as being able to burrow lends to being able to gank. What say you? Do you think I’m spot on, or way off base? We’ll find out soon enough.

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