By The Numbers: Week 13, 2014


Ok, so first things first, Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! I hope that you all have your fill of good food, and are thankful for the things that you have. I know I am! Secondly, I know that I’m late with my picks this week, so I can’t really count the game that already completed today, though I was going to pick the Lions to win, despite the fact that them losing to the bears would have helped solidify the Packers lead in the North. Ah well. So we’ll skip that predicition (as the Lions did win in fact) and move on to the other games. Less commentary this week as I need to get back to holiday stuff.

Turkey Day

Philly vs. Dallas

I think the Eagles have a harder time, having the short week. But Dallas has the tendency to drop out of the playoff race. I’m going with the Eagles.

Eagles 31, Cowboys 21

Seattle vs. San Francisco

Hard call, I hate both teams, so I don’t really care. Birds probably.

Seattle 27, 49ers 21


San Deigo vs. Baltimore

SD are chumps. Ravens win.

Ravens 21, Chargers 14

Cleveland vs. Buffalo

Hard call again, both teams could go either way but I’ll take the Browns cause they’ve done good for me all year.

Browns 14, Bills 10

Tennessee vs. Houston

Meh. Texans.

Texans 24, Titans 10

Washington vs. Indianapolis

Yeah, Skins have no chance.

Colts 31, Skins 10

New York vs. Jacksonville

Despite the Giants looking like shit, I don’t think they could possibly lose to the kitties.

Giants 17, Jags 7

Carolina vs. Minnesota

Sigh. Another whatever matchup. I’ll give it to the Panthers just to make the South decision more fucked up.

Panthers 27, Vikings 20

New Orleans vs. Pittsburgh

The likelihood that either team wins is pretty high, but I think Steelers seal the deal, helping the south remain muddy.

Steelers 21, Saints 14

Oakland vs. St. Louis

So many crappy games this week. Rams roll.

Rams 34, Raiders 3

Cincinnati vs. Tampa Bay

Bucs could take it, but probably won’t.

Bengals 20, Bucs 10

Arizona vs. Atlanta

Cards beat the dirty birds no contest.

Cards 37, Falcons 17

New England vs. Green Bay

This is the hardest game for me to call, due to my investment. The Pack has been solid for weeks, looking good on both sides of the ball, but the same can be said of the year-in year-out powerhouse of the AFC. We have home field advantage, and that’s about all I can see going in our favor. Everything else is pretty even. I’m not going to pick against my team, but you know it could go that way.

Packers 37, Pats 31

Denver vs. Kansas City

Just for shits, Denver loses.

Chiefs 20, Broncos 14


Miami vs. New York

Hahahaha Jets lose.

Dolphins 24, Jets 7

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