Goblins vs Gnomes Part 3

Here’s the links to the other parts in this series: Part One, Part Two.

So here we are again, and this time we’re finishing up the initial reveal of the cards announced during Blizzcon. I have one more post’s worth of cards that were revealed after the fact, and will get that covered in the next write up — by then we should know when the set will actually release. This is more of the odds and ends from the cards from the Blizzcon reveal, featuring Goblins and Gnomes (go figure) along with some gadgetry.


armorplating emergencycoolant finickycloakfield reversingswitch rustyhorn timerewinder whirlingblades

These cards all follow the theme of being 1 mana utilities that give a boon to an individual minion or perform an ability that’s already been present in the game for a long time. You should already know and understand all of the mechanics presented on these cards. Useful if you’re running a deck that would have use of any of the utility, and I can see where any and all of these could benefit by going into a deck where you are already focusing on what is presented themeatically. They also provide abilities that aren’t usually present outside of class specific cards, or are only on minions that otherwise aren’t very useful. Nothing too fancy, but what do you want from 1 drops?

Goblins and Gnomes


This guy has a nice effect, where a 3/3 for 5 mana would be considered way too expensive. 4 damage to an enemy minion is nice, however the random effect means you need to be careful with its use. If there’s a bunch of 1/1’s on the board you probably shouldn’t play this. If there aren’t any enemy minions on the board, you probably shouldn’t play this. You get the idea.


This guy isn’t a bad 1 drop if you have a mech themed deck. Otherwise he’s pretty weak. I can see mech themed decks being popular though, so expect to see this guy.


Boom bots were covered in part 2 of this series, head over there for explanation. This guy is a nice 7/7 for 7 with two minions that spawn right way. Will discourage the use of AoE to clear him, as the bots will do more damage back. Overall a good legendary card.


I assume the chicken will be a 1/1. It could be the Angry Chicken, which would be slightly better, but still not worth it. This is only really useful for the draw effect, and only if you get something other than a minion. Imagine drawing Dr. Boom there and having him turned into a chicken. Fuck that. I’d use this in a spell heavy deck, that’s about it.


Another great Miracle Rogue counter. A 2/4 for 3 still isn’t bad though. A 6/4 for 3 is even better though.


Nice for the secret wielding classes. Not so nice for anyone else. A great way to get some healing into your Mage/Hunter decks, as they don’t inherently have that.


I don’t like the mad bomber, so I’d avoid this class too. If they have more minions than you, it might work in your favor, but I see the OG mad bomber screw people more often than it helps.


I guess this could be good under certain circumstances, but the random effect doesn’t give you enough control. You might end up with something completely useless.


Another card that deals with the Spare Part. I still don’t know what that card does, but if nothing else, this is a 4/4 for 3 if you have a mech. Understanding what the Spare Part is would go a long way in knowing this card’s value.

That’s it for the initial drop. I’ll have one more post coming your way with the remaining cards that we know about to this point. As I said before, the likelihood that we’ll know a release date soon is high, so that will probably be the last post til I actually get my hands on some of the new cards and check them out.

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