Snowdown 2014

I mentioned some of the sales coming with Snowdown in my post this past Sunday, but at this point the event is officially live. Not only are there three new skins to pick up, but all of the legacy snowdown skins are available along with mystery gifting, new icons, ward skins and a new featured game mode. This year’s game mode takes place on the Howling Abyss, and is called Legend of the Poro King.

Poros are the cute little white balls of fluff that run around on the map, that usually only provide limited interactivity. You can feed them, and if you pay attention to them near the bushes, they can give enemy position away as they tend to flee from champs that are nearby. In this game mode, they become a weapon and a boon. Basically everyone becomes a Lee Sin, being able to throw a poro and then jump to it (like Lee Sin’s Q) and also get the chance to summon the Poro King, who buffs and allows friendlies to jump to it (like that other Lee Sin ability). A full explanation of the game mode along with icons and bits that you can earn can be read about on the official Snowdown page. Conversely, here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure:

One of the Icons is a rehash from last year, which is kind of weird as I haven’t seen that done before. You can also buy one of your choice that acts as a temporary skin for the poros in matches, but I’ll have to investigate further because it was a little confusing. The others are earned by playing the new game mode, so that should be easy enough. More on this as I try it out. If you play the game, you should check out the new mode for yourself!

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