By The Numbers: Week 16, 2014


So another week has passed. The Packers had a shitty day in Buffalo last week, in which they couldn’t get anything going on offense, but the defense managed to have a pretty good day. Take away the special teams touchdown and let Jordy make that wide open catch and the game wouldn’t have ended the way it did, but we can’t change any of that now. Looking forward, we know that the Pack is still in the playoff picture, but the seeding is unclear at this point. Since I’m doing this post on Saturday and there was already a Thursday game (that really made no bit of difference for the playoffs as the teams playing aren’t going to the post season at all), but there was also two Saturday games this week that I was unaware of, I have a little bit of insight into the playoff picture before the week is through. Here’s this week’s infographic that shows some clinching scenarios for the Packers, then we’ll talk about the rest of what we know at this point:


So as you can see, Green Bay needed Philly to lose, and win their matchup against Tampa Bay, along with many other scenarios that could happen to clinch a spot in the playoffs, regardless of seeding. We know now that Philly lost earlier today, so now all the Packers need to do is beat Tampa Bay and we’re in, regardless of what happens next week with Detroit. However, that also pushed Detroit into a clinch this week, regardless of what happens with them. Of course, the goal is still to win the division, so the Packers basically still need to win out to do that. So it’s looking at this point like it will be Green Bay, Arizona, Detroit, Seattle, Dallas, and probably New Orleans in the playoffs this year. The Lions hold the no. 2 seed but that will change if we win the division. So it’s still up in the air but we get a guaranteed spot this week with a win. I think we can handle that. I’ll skip the picks for those two completed games, I’ll start with the game going now between the Chargers and 9ers.

Chargers 21, 49ers 17
Browns 17, Panthers 13
Lions 27, Bears 13
Ravens 31, Texans 20
Dolphins 20, Vikings 10
Saints 27, Falcons 21
Patriots 37, Jets 3
Chiefs 24, Steelers 20
Packers 27, Buccs 13
Rams 24, Giants 17
Cowboys 23, Colts 20
Bills 17, Raiders 3
Cards 17, Seahawks 13
Broncos 28, Bengals 21

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