No Round-Up This Week

Normally I’d be posting my State of the Game weekly round-up today, but this week has been hectic for a number of reasons, and I really didn’t have a whole lot of free time to play games. As such, I can report everything that I did in just a couple of sentences, and that’s not conducive to a full-on round-up post.

Recently my father was admitted to the hospital. He had an issue with his leg that turned out to be semi-serious, and we were fortunate to get him in there when we did. He’s been in the hospital for most of the week plus the weekend, and we’re still unsure as to when he will be released, so that’s meant I’ve had to step up around the house and get things done that he might normally do (or at the very least I would only have a small part in). This has not only drained the holiday spirit from the house, but it has kept me busy with doing chores and running errands, plus going to visit him.

I have also taken steps to get some of my own problems in order, which is all going to culminate in me being better off than I was the few months ago that I moved out here. I didn’t know that I would be in the position I’m in now when I decided to make the move, but it has worked out to where it feels like I came here for a reason, beyond my own selfish ones. That makes me feel good, like life has a purpose, but it’s stressful dealing with the adult world that I haven’t been a part of for the better part of this year. Being a bum has its perks, but I feel better having things that need to be done and it feels great to be getting back on track in my own personal life.

I started talking to a woman here locally, who just relocated to the area herself (we both lived here when we were kids but moved away for many years and find ourselves trying for a fresh start mere blocks away from each other). That, along with my other duties have left gaming by the wayside, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t play anything at all. It just means that life is starting to pick up around here, and I might be a little less present on the blog and on social media. Never fear, I’m not abandoning anything. There will still be regular posts here, along with new podcasts after the new year and I’ll still poke my head in over on Twitter. I just know that with the way things are going, I might not have as many things to say as frequently.

So what did I actually play this week? Well if you caught my Snowdown 2014 post, you’ll know that there was a new featured game mode for League of Legends, and I have spent most of my free time playing matches of that. I earned two of the icons, and have almost earned the third and final one. Aside from that, I’ve been playing Diablo III, but I spent most of the time on my Hardcore Monk, who is now level 44 and has cleared the original game. He’s sitting in Act V now, and after completing that I’ll probably just do adventure mode stuff til he hits the cap. I’d like to have most of that stuff opened up and have the ability to earn paragon levels in Hardcore, so that it’s not limited as it is right now. I still plan to play my Wizard (and maybe level up another normal character, we’ll see) in the end game stuff, but since normal and hardcore don’t cross over, I have to pick and choose what I feel like doing. That’s pretty much what’s going on with me. I’ll see ya around.

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