By The Numbers: Week 17, 2014


The final week of the season is upon us, and that means a few playoff implicating games are taking place on Sunday. In the AFC there are more teams still in the hunt than in the NFC, but there is still the horrible NFC South that could go one of two ways. The rest of the games are only affecting seeding, and for the Packers, this week’s game is a big deal. A win could see them as high as the No. 1 seed, a loss would see them dropping to the wild card spot and going on the road next weekend. Here’s this week’s infographic of the matchup:


The Lions and Packers are both tied for first place in the NFC North, at 11-4. The Lions won the first divisional matchup between the teams, so this week’s 2nd game is for all the cookies. With a win and a Seattle loss, we’d take the no.1 seed, meaning the bye and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. This is the ultimate goal, but we need some help from the Rams, who could upset the Seahawks, but it’s not entirely likely. If they win, it doesn’t matter what happens with the Packers, they will be the no.1 seed which doesn’t sound comforting. If Seattle wins and the Packers win, the Packers will be the no.2 seed, meaning a bye week and a home game in the divisional round, but the likelihood of having to go to Seattle for the Championship game looms ominously. I don’t want to think about a loss, where we’d have to go on the road all the way to make it to the bigger games, but we did win the super bowl a few years ago as a wild card, so that might not be too bad. However, a win this week would make us perfect at home this season, so it would be nice to have that homefield advantage. Here’s my other picks for the weekend:

Ravens 21, Browns 13
Texans 17, Jags 14
Chargers 27, Chiefs 10
Dolphins 21, Jets 10
Vikings 20, Bears 10
Patriots 28, Bills 17
Eagles 24, Giants 20
Saints 28, Buccs 13
Colts 24, Titans 7
Dallas 21, Skins 9
Falcons 27, Panthers 14
Broncos 36, Raiders 7
Packers 20, Lions 13
Rams 14, Seahawks 10
Cards 17, 49ers 14
Steelers 31, Bengals 27

We’ll see how it goes. I think want to see the Packers win and the Hawks lose, so let’s hope my predictions come true. See you next week for the playoff edition.

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