By The Numbers: Wildcard Weekend


By securing the number 2 seed in the playoffs, the Green Bay Packers are getting this weekend off so that Aaron Rodgers can rehabilitate that sore calf, and preparations can begin for whomever we will be playing next weekend in the Divisional round. The last time we had a bye, the 49ers came to Lambeau and beat us, so at least we know they aren’t in the playoffs. Before that it was the Giants, and they too aren’t in the post season. Right now, the potential matchups are Detroit, Arizona, Carolina or Dallas, but the most likely scenario is for Dallas to visit Lambeau, and that feels like a sure win situation. The only playoff team I’m scared of in the NFC is the Seahawks, just because they seem to be back to their championship form, and the only way for us to see them in the post season is for the NFC Championship game, in which we would have to travel to Seattle, and that didn’t end well back in week 1. However, we have a better team now, and I think it might be enough to change our fortunes when it comes to that matchup. I’m not really fearful of any of the AFC teams, because we’ve already beaten the Patriots, and they’re one of the most likely teams to end up in the Super Bowl. Regardless, this week is Wildcard weekend, and there will be a few good games sprinkled in there. Here are my picks for Wildcard weekend:

Steelers 27, Ravens 21
Colts 31, Bengals 24
Cowboys 28, Lions 20
Cards 24, Panthers 13

Were this to come true, the Cardinals would be heading to Seattle, and the Cowboys would come to Green Bay. I feel that any of the lower seeded teams would be an easy win for the Packers, but it’s likely that the Cowboys will put up the best fight, though I think Green Bay in January might skew things in our favor. The Cardinals might pull an upset on the Seahawks, as they have already played there once this season, but since they’re starting a third string QB, it’s likely that the Championship game will be Seattle vs. Green Bay in Seattle. We’ll see how things shake up and go over the scenarios again next week. Until then.

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Couch Podtatoes Episode 27: Most Anticipated of 2015


After taking a week off, it’s a New Year and we’re talking about what games we are most anticipating in 2015! We catch up on what we’ve been doing and what we picked up during the Steam Holiday Sale, and then we dive into a number of titles that we can’t wait to play. Later we take a look at some of the Holiday blogging events that just wrapped up in our little community, including Bloggy Xmas and Listmas. You can find links to those sites down in the notes. I also added my list of most anticipated games in the notes as well. We’ll be back to regular schedule for the foreseeable future, so get caught up and we’ll see you again next week!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 27: Most Anticipated of 2015 (runtime: 1:00:43)

What are we playing? (starts at 1:06)
Discussion: Most Anticipated (starts at 15:14)
Community Spotlight: Bloggy Xmas and Listmas (starts at 57:45)

Host Contact information:

Blog: Me vs. Myself and I

Blog: Healing The Masses
Twitter: @ausj3w3l

My Most Anticipated of 2015:

The Order 1886
Uncharted 4
No Man’s Sky
Pillars of Eternity
Mordheim: City of the Damned
Hotline Miami 2
Shadowrun Hong Kong

Community Spotlight: Bloggy Xmas and Listmas 2014

Music Credits:

“Level Up” by Cookie Monsta (from the Riot! EP)
“Scum” by Datsik (from the album Let it Burn)
“Sail” by Devildriver (from the album Winter Kills)
“Enchanted Rose” by Bury Your Dead (from the album Beauty and the Breakdown)

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