By The Numbers: The Divisional Round


Looking back at my picks for wildcard weekend, I only got 50% of the picks right. That percentage would have dropped even lower, had the Cowboys lost their game against the Lions, which should have happened, but didn’t due to horrible officiating. We all saw the terrible pass interference call that would have given the Lions a critical first down in Cowboys’ territory, and would have probably resulted in a touchdown, which would have negated the boys taking a lead in the 4th quarter that they managed to hang onto for the win. Still, these things happen, and as mad as I was about another poor call during the Packers-Seahawks game a few years back (the Fail Mary), I’m over it now and realize that there’s nothing to be done about it.


So with the wildcard round complete, we’re heading into Divisional weekend, where the top two seeds from each conference will play for the first time after having a bye week. The Packers will be hosting the Cowboys, and from what I’ve been reading, professional analysts are picking the Cowboys for the upset win. Their reasoning is that since the Packers Super Bowl win a few years ago, they have lost in the divisional round each year, a couple of times at home. They also believe that the Cowboys’ offense and defense are superior, despite all year long having said that the Packers look like the best team in the NFC. So whatever, they can say what they want, I still believe in my team and have no doubts about them being triumphant. We have a 3 game winning streak against the boys, and with their performance against the Lions last week, I see the Packers dominating. After all, we out-played the Lions in the week prior, and I don’t see us having the same issues of falling apart late in the game. If anything, we usually have comeback wins, not humiliating 4th quarter losses.

Otherwise, it’s the Panthers heading to Seattle, where I really want to hope for an upset win, but don’t see it happening. If the Panthers were able to eliminate the ‘hawks, they would come to Lambeau next weekend provided the packers won. That would be good for everyone, because I think the Panthers would be an easy win. But we’ll see what happens this weekend first.

In the AFC, the Ravens head to Foxborough, and that should be a good game, with two recent Superbowl caliber teams vying for a win. There’s also the Denver-Indy game, where Luck will look to upset the Manning with less rings than his little brother. They should both be good games, but I’m less concerned about AFC stuff until the SuperBowl. Here’s my picks for the weekend:

Packers 27, Cowboys 21
Seahawks 17, Panthers 10
Patriots 28, Ravens 20
Broncos 31, Colts 27

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