Couch Podtatoes Episode 29: Gender Identity


As I said last week, we did a longer recording session, so here’s the latter half of that, which is Doone’s Digital Frontier in its entirety. It’s a fun discussion based on his post that you can read over here. Basically we talk about how we identify ourselves in games, how gender effects people’s viewpoints of others while playing together, and a bunch of other subtopics that meld into the complete package. Did that sound official enough? Okay, good. I’m done here. Enjoy the show!


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Couch Podtatoes Epsiode 29: Gender Identity (runtime: 48:22)

Doone’s Digital Frontier: Gender Identity (starts at 0:00)

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4 thoughts on “Couch Podtatoes Episode 29: Gender Identity

  1. This was obviously a difficult topic to discuss and certainly somewhat difficult to listen to as well, simply because it’s such a collusion of different things. I find it problematic to say you were deceived by someone else just because they never actively came out and what? – declared themselves? at which point? and what if they don’t share the same cis-gendered nature as yourself? what do they have to declare?

    Or more bluntly: is it a gay person’s job to inform someone else that they are gay, just in case? Does it matter as long as both of them are having fun online?
    Or is a transgender person supposed to declare…what exactly? If I was transgender and identifying as a woman, am I supposed to tell an online fling ‘for your info, am not really a woman by your standards, I thought you should know? just in case it makes you feel gay”…?

    As a cisgender heterosexual woman I empathize with the confusion you experienced, I probably would too – but at the same time, putting the onus on the other person to ‘let you know’ is basically saying ‘I am the norm and it’s your job to account for that’. I find that very problematic.

    anyway, just something that jumped out to me listening to this episode. food for thought.


    • I guess it’s different when you put it in the context of reality. If I’m in a bar, and a dude hits on me, he’s gay, it’s apparent. I then politely inform him that I’m not. End of story, no harm no foul. If you’re role playing in a game, it doesn’t matter what you are, you’re just a person behind an avatar, I’m not questioning your sexuality.

      I was just saying in the context of Doone’s experience, were I to put myself in that situation, I’d be hard pressed to not be upset if I was flirty or messed around with “erotic role play” and thought I was talking to a girl, when it was a transgender or a man. Doesn’t make me feel gay, just not within my comfort zone. Though, as I mentioned, I would have not ended up in that position cause I have no interest in roleplaying, and because I would probably get to know the person pretty well before hand if I were to engage in such conduct. That’s just how I see it. There was no offense meant to anyone.

      If I’m openly straight, and feel that everyone of any orientation should be open and proud of it, where’s the problem? I know, the problem is with society, but I’m all for everyone being out in the open, and I hope to live to see the day when people can be out and it’s no issue. That would make our podcast topic obsolete, wouldn’t it?


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