Playstation Plus Freebies Feb ’15

It’s that time of the month again! Wait, where are you going? No. You can come back now. You don’t need to stock up on tampons. Bad joke is bad.

Seriously though, the freebies for Playstation Plus members for the month of February have been revealed. We getting some good stuff, and some ok, stuff, and some stuff I have no idea about. So let’s start things off with the video.

For those of you still with me, here’s my commentary on the offerings.

On PS4, Transistor is the first game up. From the company that brought us Bastion, it is a spiritual successor to the game that changes things up visually, and thematically, yet should still be familiar to fans of the first game. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it since it released on the PC, but I have yet to try it and now I know I don’t have to buy it. I just need to get a PS4. Hey, tax season is coming, perhaps then? The second offering is a PS4 exclusive called Apotheon, which is a greek mythology themed sidescroller that looks to be more of what you’ve seen in the past from indie developers. It looks pretty, but it’s probably rather simplistic. Still, no one can complain about free, can they?

On PS3, we’re getting Yakuza 4 and The newest Thief reboot. The former game is another of those open world titles like Sleeping Dogs, GTA, inFamous, or Saint’s Row. Personally I’m sick of these types of games and they rarely keep me entertained for long, but you might like it! I am interested in the Thief reboot, as a fan of the series, though I haven’t played any save for the original that came out in the late 90’s. I loved the game then, but it was something new. These days stealth games have been overdone, and the last one that I bought and played through was Dishonored, and though I loved the lore of that game, the gameplay itself was boring and uninspired. There has also been backlash against this reboot, calling it boring and uninspired and a disappointment to fans of the IP. Despite all of that, I’m glad I never purchased it, and now will be able to try it for free. I think I might actually enjoy it, but we’ll see. My love for stealth games pretty much lived and died with the original.

On Vita, there’s Rogue Legacy, and Kick & Fennick. The former is a fantastic rogue-like platformer that I bought on the PC a couple of years ago. I will definitely play it some more on the console, just like I did a couple months back with Luftrausers (which I also already had on PC). It’s a cross buy game for all 3 consoles, so this one is another great addition to the library. The latter, Kick & Fennick is another platformer, and since I don’t have a Vita I don’t really care. Has anyone seen any PS4/Vita bundles in the US yet? I remember seeing a couple of ads outside of the US but that was months ago. I really need to get both, but then I’d have even more of a backlog I wouldn’t know what to do with.

So that’s it for this month. More free stuff is always good. Until next time.

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