State of the Game: Ranked Play


Short post today, as I haven’t really played much of anything this week, outside of a bunch of Ranked League of Legends. I’m also a day late, so sue me.

Basically I’ve spent my time finishing up my provisional matches. I ended up going 4/6 by the time I had finished the tenth match, and was expecting to get stuck way down in the Bronze pit of hell. I was pleasantly surprised to get placed in Bronze I, which is a better start than I had the last time I participated in Ranked (Season 3). That year I ended up in Bronze III, and was promoted to Bronze I, and then made my way to Silver V right when the season ended. I didn’t participate last year, so this year I figured I’d end up in Bronze, but starting at the top of that rank I felt like I’d have an easy path to Silver, and my goal for the season was to hit Gold.

That easy path ended up being a pain in my ass. I won the first game outside of my provisionals, and was well on my way to getting into Silver. A couple of days later, I decided to play again and started a losing streak from hell. I lost 3-4 that night and ended up being demoted to Bronze II. The next night I played some more, and the losing streak continued. Before I knew it, I was in Bronze III. This is backwards! I’m supposed to be moving up!

The losing streak was snapped finally last night. I ended up getting a win finally, by playing Morgana support which I had never done before. Perhaps I’ll ride those coattails to more victories, but honestly there have been more games than not that I won my lane but another lane would feed and lose and then the team would snowball onto the rest of us. I don’t mind a loss when it’s by a close margin, at least then I know we were a pretty evenly matched team. I hate losses when someone is having connection problems, or when someone afk/leaves the game, or we just have multiple lanes with feeders. The problem with people who feed is once they start, they rarely know how to quit.

So as I said, I got a victory last night, and I’m not getting demoted beyond B3 so far. I need a couple more wins to get a promo series to get back to B2, then will have to doit again to get back to B1, and this is the long road that I was initially expecting. I didn’t think I would have gone backwards so much but that’s ok. There’s plenty of time to work my way back up, I just know I don’t want to keep going backwards.

That’s really all I have this week for the round up. I forsee next week being a bit more busy as new Plus freebies are coming tomorrow and I plan to get more H1Z1 in among other things. Til then.

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