GoT: The Lost Lords

Episode 2 of Game of Thrones picks up right where the first left off, and thrusts you into the role of more characters, along with giving you more difficult decisions to make. I went with the majority a bit more during the course of this episode, though a couple of choices still saw me sitting with the minority. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Margaery, played by the incredibly beautiful Natalie Dormer (whom you’ll recognize from the show), is preparing to marry Joffrey, and Mira Forrester is her handmaiden. As such, she is emplored by her mother to try and appeal for help from the future Queen. The first attempt doesn’t go well, so Margaery isn’t willing to make a second attempt. There is a point in the story where you are able to steal the future Queen’s seal, and with said seal can forge a letter. I won’t spoil what the letter is for, but I decided it was worth the risk. Apparently 80% of players didn’t want to be risky.

It is soon revealed that Rodrik (the eldest son of Gregor) wasn’t killed, but was mistakenly put on a cart with other dead men and taken back to Iron Reach. The man driving the cart is turned away, but Rodrik falls off the wagon and is discovered to be alive. His life saved, he is now put in the position of ruling house Forrester, and Lord Whitehill has arrived, demanding loyalty. He wants you to kiss his ring, I did not. The majority agrees.

There is a scheme to get Rodrik wed to a daughter of house Glenmore, who has an actual army. There were various steps to take, but I eventually won the betrothal, despite her not enjoying the idea. Apparently that was semi-difficult to do, because over 50% of players were unable to win it.

Back to Gared Tuttle, the former squire of House Forrester, at the Wall. Having arrived, you dive into your work, but are eventually confronted by a bully type named Finn. Another more friendly character named Cotter eventually steals a knife from Finn, and when confronted about it, I chose to stand up for Cotter. The overwhelming majority agrees.

The last choice is made by Mira again, who had received a mysterious note to meet someone in the gardens. A man named Damion admits to sending the note, and he is a familiar face. An assassin, he lured Mira out her to kill her, but a Coal Boy (one you’ll have seen many times to this point) helps. You are forced to chose between killing her attacker or letting the Coal Boy die. Here is something you can’t understand: How I could just kill a man. Yes, I just quoted Cypress Hill. Here’s the screen cap:


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