Atlas Mugged

Episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands picks up where the first left off, and drops you right into the action. I think this one works a little bit better in that you only play as two characters, and they are together through much of the playthrough. GoT is good too in its own ways, but I don’t like having to play as many characters, and having to keep up on the choices you made with all of them. Still, I love both games, and this episode was really fun to play through.

I’ll start with my choices on Fiona this time, and then after the picture, we’ll go through Rhys’ choices. Deal?

There’s a scene where the group is trying to get away from a huge creature in their RV vehicle. Vaughn and Rhys get into a pickle, almost falling out of the back of the vehicle, and you have to choose whether to have Sasha help you or help Rhys. I sent her to help Rhys, as did most players. An aside: Rakk Hives look like vagina monsters. *shudder*

Later you get to one of Scooter’s Catch-A-Ride shops, and he offers to sponsor you for the next time you’re in a deathrace (the big bandit event at the end of the last episode). This amounts to him spotting you for all the repairs. You also get to pick from a variety of paintjobs for the ride (much like you get to do in the Borderlands games). I picked Jakobs. I don’t think the percentages here will be any sort of majority, because there were a bunch of skins to choose from.

The town you’re in is where Fiona and Sasha called home, and their hideout is nearby. Heading inside, you find some clues that lead you to a small box with some money inside, along with gifts left by your mentor for the two of you. You open yours and it adds an elemental affect to your gun. Sasha says she doesn’t want her gift, and I was respectful enough not to peek at it. Fiona keeps it for later. 80% of players were nice about it too.

Being attacked by Finch, you get to choose which type of elemental damage you get to use (the upgrade for your one shot gun). I went with shock damage, and since there were three choices, 30% is about an even spread of the choices.


On to Rhys. During the vagina beast scene, you and Vaughn are thrown from the RV. Stranded in the desert, and having hit your head, you see a holographic image of Handsome Jack, who is speaking to you. Apparently Vaughn can’t hear or see him, and you figure out it has something to do with the data you shoved into your head in the first episode. I chose to tell Vaughn about it, despite the fact that he now thinks I’m crazy.

The Loaderbot that I chose to self-destruct last time, some how put itself back together and shows up to help us out. We knew that the girls were heading to Hollowpoint, but our ultimate goal was to head to Old Haven. I chose to go to Hollowpoint first. Almost 70% chose the same way.

During the flight on the back of the Loaderbot, Vaughn admits that Vasquez had tried to get him to turn on Rhys. The same deal was presented to Rhys as well, but I didn’t come right out and admit that. I did forgive Vaughn for his part in it, and we ended up bro-fisting. Apparently most people went with this course of action. The Loaderbot refused to fist bump me though :/ Here’s a video with the bro-tastic scene, though you’ll have to skip towards the end to see what I’m talking about.

There’s another scene later when you are forced to choose between saving your friends and giving Vasquez exactly what he wants. Handsome Jack appears and tells you if you let him into your subsystems he can help. I chose to trust him with that power, and he does indeed help (but I’m sure this will be a bad move in a future episode). Only a third of players trusted him. Despite knowing he’s an asshat, I love his character so I rolled with it. So that finishes up Episode 2. See you in a month or so when the next one releases!

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