Crowfall Kickstarter: 3 Days Left

With three days remaining in the Crowfall Kickstarter, there are a couple of stretch goals still in reach, and there’s been a few goals reached since the last time I wrote about the game. It happened rather swiftly too, I believe I wrote about having backed the game about a week ago, and here we are even further along.


The mounts are definitely a thing, though I didn’t spend enough to get one. Boo. They still sound like a cool game mechanic, or at least different enough in their use that they stand apart in this game. I was under the impression that the Caravans were basically fast travel stations, or some sort of public transportation, but something I read the other day leads me to believe it’s more like a public quest system, which could be cool if done properly. I can imaging escorting and protecting a caravan from other players would be exciting. Even more exciting to go attack their caravans. So I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Today the next goal was reached, and there will be a “pack pig” for all backers. This sounds like extra storage, but I’m curious if there will be more uses for him. Can you steal them? Kill them? Perhaps this information was revealed and I missed it?

Looking ahead, just under 500 more backers will get us bonus land parcels. It appears that you must have spent at least $40 to get in on that, and I believe that counts the early bird tiers that were slightly lower priced. What are parcels? Well I’m glad you asked. You can go read this lengthy update with information on that, and then tell me about it. Because I’m lazy. Seriously, It’s going to be land for your eternal kingdom and sounds like the PvE portion of the game is going to be more meaty than I once believed. It’s one part housing and one part PvE stuff, sounds like it will take some PvP (the campaigns) or some serious coin (paying someone for their supplies earned in campaigns) to expand these parcels and to be able to invite friends over. There’s much more to it than that, so you should really just go read the post from the developers.

With 1.4 million which would only really be possible with many pledges or a few very large ones, we’d see the addition of God’s Reach and artifacts. I’m starting to think that one is less realistic at this stage of the game. We might not even get the parcels, but I didn’t think the mounts would be funded either a while back, so what do I know? I really don’t have any opinions on this latter goal, haven’t really paid much attention, and I don’t think they’ve laid out much information about it just yet, as they are being realistic too.

Whatever the case, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this game goes. It’s been fun to follow to this point. I know it’s going to be a while before I see game time, but I will keep up on developments as they come in, I’m still pretty hyped for this one. Til next time.

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