State of the Game: The Short Edition


Late again, but I was debating just calling this post off for the week because I didn’t want to get into too much detail when talking about any of the following games. However, I think I’ve piled up enough smaller experiences that I can just do a small summation of what’s been going on. This is mainly due to the fact that my sister is coming out this week to visit for a few days, so I know I won’t be posting much if at all, so this is what you get til after she leaves!

League ELO hell continues. The story thus far: Started Bronze I after provisional matches. Dropped to Bronze III. Rose to Bronze I. Dropped to Bronze II. Stayed for a month. Dropped to Bronze III. Got into promo series to go back to Bronze II, lost. Stuck in Bronze III. I guess I suck. Sort of taking a break from taking it so seriously. Maybe I’ll luck out and get back to Silver before the season ends.

Helldivers: Progressed through several missions, and then finally tried out the co-op multiplayer, which is a lot of fun. Since it’s made by the same guys who made Magicka, you can “accidentally” kill your buddies. Tons of fun. Haven’t had a problem with population thus far, but I feel like I should devote some significant time to this one before populations eventually die out.

Hotline Miami 2: Progressed through Act I. Feels more difficult than the first game, but mechanics, atomsphere, graphics, gameplay are all the same. Perhaps I’m just wrong in thinking that the first one was easy.

More sales got the best of me. I picked up Banished for $5, and Starships for some odd discount as well. I was bummed that I later saw a package where Starships and Beyond Earth were both really cheap, but that’s how it goes. Banished is a fun city builder that I’m surprised to be enjoying as much as I have. I usually get bored with these types of games. I actually was looking into getting Cities: Skylines because it’s been all the rage, but again, I usually get bored with these types of games. So I figured I’d skip it, but I’ve had my eye on Banished for a long time, and $5 is a steal, so I went for it instead. I have enjoyed trying to get everything in working order to the point where you can speed things up and it’s on autopilot.

Starships is a 4x-lite. It’s a game designed for the mobile market, and as such many people said it wasn’t worth your time. I am normally one of those types of people as well, but it just looked like a great way to get some strategy gaming in, without the time committment. Having read some reviews and commentary, it seems that was the conclusion most people who were happy with the game came to. Having tried it out, I can tell that I was going about things all wrong in my first game, so I have a better idea of what I want to do in the next go-round. I think it’s fun, but I’ll get more into it at a later time.

During that same sale I was also tempted by Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and ended up getting it as well. I would have preferred to get it for the PS3 because I have the first two games there as well, but it wasn’t on sale over on PSN, so I couldn’t pass up the deal. However, having purchased Borderlands 2 back when it came out (and the season pass) I know that it’s one of those money sinks, so getting the bundle all at once was helpful, and still cheaper than just the base game would have been on PS3. I never did finish the last couple of DLC packs for BL2, so that was reinstalled on my Playstation to get tackled before jumping into TPS.

Lastly, my Dad gifted me a copy of Tamriel Unlimited. I wasn’t expecting that, and had suspicions that it might not run on this system, but I’m happy to report it runs great. Having played a Khajiit stealthy character in Skyrim, I obviously had to roll a Khajiit Nightblade in ESO. I started out doing all the quests I could find, and then ended up taking a boat to another zone and doing more quests. It feels just like Skyrim, though I see other people doing the same things as me. It’s weird, but cool, and I rather like it. Coming back for another session, I decided to roll a Dark Elf Sorcerer, and I was instantly hooked, and now I’m wanting to try the other classes. I have a full post ready to write about this game that will probably hit next weekend.

Here’s some screens of some of the aforementioned games.


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    • It’s a lot less linear, it’s more pick a mission and go there to do it. Especially once you start opening stuff up. And the friendly fire can lead to some comical deaths. I want to say it’s only on playstation, but I’m not positive.


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