Crowfall Kickstarter: 3 Days Left

With three days remaining in the Crowfall Kickstarter, there are a couple of stretch goals still in reach, and there’s been a few goals reached since the last time I wrote about the game. It happened rather swiftly too, I believe I wrote about having backed the game about a week ago, and here we are even further along.


The mounts are definitely a thing, though I didn’t spend enough to get one. Boo. They still sound like a cool game mechanic, or at least different enough in their use that they stand apart in this game. I was under the impression that the Caravans were basically fast travel stations, or some sort of public transportation, but something I read the other day leads me to believe it’s more like a public quest system, which could be cool if done properly. I can imaging escorting and protecting a caravan from other players would be exciting. Even more exciting to go attack their caravans. So I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Today the next goal was reached, and there will be a “pack pig” for all backers. This sounds like extra storage, but I’m curious if there will be more uses for him. Can you steal them? Kill them? Perhaps this information was revealed and I missed it?

Looking ahead, just under 500 more backers will get us bonus land parcels. It appears that you must have spent at least $40 to get in on that, and I believe that counts the early bird tiers that were slightly lower priced. What are parcels? Well I’m glad you asked. You can go read this lengthy update with information on that, and then tell me about it. Because I’m lazy. Seriously, It’s going to be land for your eternal kingdom and sounds like the PvE portion of the game is going to be more meaty than I once believed. It’s one part housing and one part PvE stuff, sounds like it will take some PvP (the campaigns) or some serious coin (paying someone for their supplies earned in campaigns) to expand these parcels and to be able to invite friends over. There’s much more to it than that, so you should really just go read the post from the developers.

With 1.4 million which would only really be possible with many pledges or a few very large ones, we’d see the addition of God’s Reach and artifacts. I’m starting to think that one is less realistic at this stage of the game. We might not even get the parcels, but I didn’t think the mounts would be funded either a while back, so what do I know? I really don’t have any opinions on this latter goal, haven’t really paid much attention, and I don’t think they’ve laid out much information about it just yet, as they are being realistic too.

Whatever the case, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this game goes. It’s been fun to follow to this point. I know it’s going to be a while before I see game time, but I will keep up on developments as they come in, I’m still pretty hyped for this one. Til next time.

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Atlas Mugged

Episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands picks up where the first left off, and drops you right into the action. I think this one works a little bit better in that you only play as two characters, and they are together through much of the playthrough. GoT is good too in its own ways, but I don’t like having to play as many characters, and having to keep up on the choices you made with all of them. Still, I love both games, and this episode was really fun to play through.

I’ll start with my choices on Fiona this time, and then after the picture, we’ll go through Rhys’ choices. Deal?

There’s a scene where the group is trying to get away from a huge creature in their RV vehicle. Vaughn and Rhys get into a pickle, almost falling out of the back of the vehicle, and you have to choose whether to have Sasha help you or help Rhys. I sent her to help Rhys, as did most players. An aside: Rakk Hives look like vagina monsters. *shudder*

Later you get to one of Scooter’s Catch-A-Ride shops, and he offers to sponsor you for the next time you’re in a deathrace (the big bandit event at the end of the last episode). This amounts to him spotting you for all the repairs. You also get to pick from a variety of paintjobs for the ride (much like you get to do in the Borderlands games). I picked Jakobs. I don’t think the percentages here will be any sort of majority, because there were a bunch of skins to choose from.

The town you’re in is where Fiona and Sasha called home, and their hideout is nearby. Heading inside, you find some clues that lead you to a small box with some money inside, along with gifts left by your mentor for the two of you. You open yours and it adds an elemental affect to your gun. Sasha says she doesn’t want her gift, and I was respectful enough not to peek at it. Fiona keeps it for later. 80% of players were nice about it too.

Being attacked by Finch, you get to choose which type of elemental damage you get to use (the upgrade for your one shot gun). I went with shock damage, and since there were three choices, 30% is about an even spread of the choices.


On to Rhys. During the vagina beast scene, you and Vaughn are thrown from the RV. Stranded in the desert, and having hit your head, you see a holographic image of Handsome Jack, who is speaking to you. Apparently Vaughn can’t hear or see him, and you figure out it has something to do with the data you shoved into your head in the first episode. I chose to tell Vaughn about it, despite the fact that he now thinks I’m crazy.

The Loaderbot that I chose to self-destruct last time, some how put itself back together and shows up to help us out. We knew that the girls were heading to Hollowpoint, but our ultimate goal was to head to Old Haven. I chose to go to Hollowpoint first. Almost 70% chose the same way.

During the flight on the back of the Loaderbot, Vaughn admits that Vasquez had tried to get him to turn on Rhys. The same deal was presented to Rhys as well, but I didn’t come right out and admit that. I did forgive Vaughn for his part in it, and we ended up bro-fisting. Apparently most people went with this course of action. The Loaderbot refused to fist bump me though :/ Here’s a video with the bro-tastic scene, though you’ll have to skip towards the end to see what I’m talking about.

There’s another scene later when you are forced to choose between saving your friends and giving Vasquez exactly what he wants. Handsome Jack appears and tells you if you let him into your subsystems he can help. I chose to trust him with that power, and he does indeed help (but I’m sure this will be a bad move in a future episode). Only a third of players trusted him. Despite knowing he’s an asshat, I love his character so I rolled with it. So that finishes up Episode 2. See you in a month or so when the next one releases!

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GoT: The Lost Lords

Episode 2 of Game of Thrones picks up right where the first left off, and thrusts you into the role of more characters, along with giving you more difficult decisions to make. I went with the majority a bit more during the course of this episode, though a couple of choices still saw me sitting with the minority. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Margaery, played by the incredibly beautiful Natalie Dormer (whom you’ll recognize from the show), is preparing to marry Joffrey, and Mira Forrester is her handmaiden. As such, she is emplored by her mother to try and appeal for help from the future Queen. The first attempt doesn’t go well, so Margaery isn’t willing to make a second attempt. There is a point in the story where you are able to steal the future Queen’s seal, and with said seal can forge a letter. I won’t spoil what the letter is for, but I decided it was worth the risk. Apparently 80% of players didn’t want to be risky.

It is soon revealed that Rodrik (the eldest son of Gregor) wasn’t killed, but was mistakenly put on a cart with other dead men and taken back to Iron Reach. The man driving the cart is turned away, but Rodrik falls off the wagon and is discovered to be alive. His life saved, he is now put in the position of ruling house Forrester, and Lord Whitehill has arrived, demanding loyalty. He wants you to kiss his ring, I did not. The majority agrees.

There is a scheme to get Rodrik wed to a daughter of house Glenmore, who has an actual army. There were various steps to take, but I eventually won the betrothal, despite her not enjoying the idea. Apparently that was semi-difficult to do, because over 50% of players were unable to win it.

Back to Gared Tuttle, the former squire of House Forrester, at the Wall. Having arrived, you dive into your work, but are eventually confronted by a bully type named Finn. Another more friendly character named Cotter eventually steals a knife from Finn, and when confronted about it, I chose to stand up for Cotter. The overwhelming majority agrees.

The last choice is made by Mira again, who had received a mysterious note to meet someone in the gardens. A man named Damion admits to sending the note, and he is a familiar face. An assassin, he lured Mira out her to kill her, but a Coal Boy (one you’ll have seen many times to this point) helps. You are forced to chose between killing her attacker or letting the Coal Boy die. Here is something you can’t understand: How I could just kill a man. Yes, I just quoted Cypress Hill. Here’s the screen cap:


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Couch Podtatoes Episode 38: Classism


It’s another Digital Frontier episode with Doone. This week we talk about diversity of class within the gaming industry. It’s a discussion that affects us all, no matter what socio-economic background you may come from, though it affects some of us more than others. We touch on a number of topics within the overall subject of classism, and related to gaming, in our usual sarcastic fashion. Don’t miss Eri’s “snifflestep” outtake before the intro. This may become a thing, but you’ll have to listen to see what I’m talking about. Listen, download and subscribe below. Tell your friends!


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GoT: Iron From Ice

In my last post I spoke highly of my first experience with the new TellTale Games series, Tales from the Borderlands, and this time around, I’m going to be singing the praises of their other new series: Game of Thrones.

Like TFTB, the lore of the original IP already interests me. I loved both of the Borderlands games, and though I haven’t played the Pre-Sequel yet, I already know I would love the story, the world, the characters, humor, etc. The same goes for Game of Thrones. I’m a fan of the TV show. I haven’t read the books, but I’m sure I would enjoy them as well. Let’s put it this way: TellTale have been winning when it comes to picking IP’s to make their spin on. Aside from the canon, the games themselves are very similar, they seem to be built upon the same iteration of the Telltale formula of choices and QTE challenges. You also get to play multiple characters, and see different intertwining story lines unfold. I’m going to keep to the same system of choice-description with lesser spoilers for this post, and the future of these posts relating to these games. Let’s get started, shall we?

The game sees you playing different members of the Forrester House, who were loyal to the Starks. Fans of the show will know that anyone siding with the Starks weren’t too fortunate, and that theme plays out here as well. Basically if you understand how Game of Thrones works from the TV show’s perspective, this is similar enough, but different in some ways and more interactive than the show. The first major choice that comes up occurs during the “Red Wedding” that we all remember so well from the show. Remember when the armies were encamped outside of that river-town? And they were all basically butchered? Yeah, you’re Gared Tuttle, a squire for the leader of house Forrester: Gregor. You’re off fetching wine, when the ambush is sprung, and you are forced to choose between helping another squire, or escaping to warn Gregor. I chose the latter, and am in the minority there.

Next up, you get to play Mira Forrester, eldest daughter of the house, who is in Casterly Rock (think Sansa Stark). Various activities take place, but eventually her loyalty is called into question by Cersei (yes, characters from the show make cameos, and are voiced by their original actors). You get to choose whether or not to swear loyalty to Joffrey, which I (and the majority of players) did.

The next bit sees you playing as Ethan Forrester, the next in line heir to house Forrester (his father and brother having fallen at the Twins). There is a thief named Erik who is caught stealing, and you are asked to pass judgement. Of the choices presented, I chose to send Erik to the Wall. I was in the bottom 40% of players who chose this route.

Still playing as Ethan, you are forced to choose a new Sentinel, who is essentially your most trusted counsel member, who serves as your right hand. There were two choices to make, and I went with Royland, despite the fact that he seemed like a dick. He seemed logical, and I like that. Only 38% of players felt the same.

Lastly, you have to make another tough decision as Ethan, where you must decide how to handle the threat from the rival house Whitehill. They are making claims to your land and ironwood, and the bastard son, Ramsay Snow is on his way to speak with you and also allow you to pledge fealty to the new “lord of the north.” I chose to meet him at the gate, not letting his army in. I was in the minority of players with this pick as well. Here’s the screen cap (sorry it came out sorta blurry):


Hopefully there weren’t to many spoilers there. I have already finished episode 2 as well, so look for my choices for that soon.

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